Sunscreen and versatile air-conditioned shirt, the basic model layered in summer, can be worn indoors and outdoors elegantly

For girls, air-conditioned shirts are not only a clothing to prevent coldness when turning on the air conditioner, but also a must-have item that can be matched with fashion effects. In the hot summer, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is large, more girls will choose more flesh clothing, once the air conditioning temperature drops very low, you will feel a trace of coolness, which is to add an air conditioning shirt will be very comfortable and decent. When going out, the air-conditioned shirt can also be used as a sunscreen shirt, and the clothing worn on the day can also be layered into a design that looks elegant and stylish.

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In the past, many girls used grandma shirts when choosing air-conditioned shirts. Those knitted designs, both comfortable and atmospheric, and warm and sun protection is very good, but not everyone is suitable for wearing granny shirts, because the loose shape will appear that the girl’s shoulders are more burly, if the slightly fat girl wears such clothing will look more old-fashioned, then you may wish to change to a shirt jacket, she chose this sky blue shirt jacket with a classic style, if not used as a coat, it is also possible to wear it alone. Choose a black camisole inside, and pair the lower body with slim cycling pants, this tight clothing can shape a girl’s sexy body, plus a shirt jacket, cool and sassy.

If you always feel that it is easier to wear a granny shirt, you must master the color matching when choosing a granny shirt, she chose a floral dress inside, and a purple cardigan outside. This air-conditioned shirt is thin in texture and does not add too many elements, just like a small shawl, which can protect the girl’s shoulders and back from cold, and the smaller style can also allow the girl’s beautiful slip skirt to be exposed, which can not only ensure the layering, but also ensure that people’s attention is attracted to the inner clothing.

Those thin air-conditioned shirts have now become a must-have item for girls, and the jacket she chooses to add to the outside is not so much an air-conditioned shirt as a jacket that makes the clothing form a layered feeling. A black vest is used inside, and a small row of colorful new buttons are made on the chest of this vest, so that the clothing will show the sweet state of girls, and the white shirt with daisy flowers on the outside, and tie the corners to create a golden ratio body with a short and long upper and lower length, which is classic and sweet.

When choosing an air-conditioned shirt, don’t just pursue a fixed way of dressing, you can choose a striped vest like her, and use a short-sleeved shirt to match it, so that the girl’s sense of trend and fashion becomes prominent, and the horizontal striped clothing will look fatter, but the elegant temperament will naturally exude. Such a garment is easier to match with fashion than adding a traditional long-sleeved garment.

Many girls will choose their favorite color when matching air-conditioned shirts, because air-conditioned shirts are only worn when the air-conditioning is turned on, and usually choose the clothing inside, without blindly pursuing the unity of color. In fact, the fashion lady can buy a few more pieces when buying an air-conditioning shirt, which is easier to match as a “colorful” goddess, and will further improve her clothes because of the proper color matching. She chose a white knitted sleeveless top inside and a sky blue striped skirt on the lower body, fresh and elegant, and paired it with a cardigan in the same color as the skirt on the outside, which is like a complete design, which looks particularly atmospheric.

Many fashion ladies feel that when choosing an air-conditioned shirt, those ordinary knitted fabrics are easy to cause visual fatigue, at this time you may wish to use vertical stripes, which is also a very classic shape, her knitted jacket on the shoulders with a loose shape like princess sleeves form a sense of layering, and the middle sleeve clothing is also more capable than the long-sleeved shape, the sense of fashion is more intense, she is matched with white wide-leg pants on the lower body, it looks full of aura.

Chiffon fabric knitwear may feel cooler to the public, but this silky texture will show a very skin-friendly state, and will also make the girl’s noble temperament be exuded, she chooses a coffee-colored camisole inside, and a small cardigan with many polka dots outside, so that it is like a Japanese match, forming a sweet state, this small cardigan adds a broken flower design to the neckline and placket, creating a very sweet and elegant goddess, with a taro pleated skirt, retro and foreign.

The white slim version of the vest is a very practical inside, if you feel that such clothing, from the color or style are relatively dull, this is to add a loose cardigan outside, her dress has a large neckline, can reveal the handsome white vest inside, showing the trend and personality.

Many hot mothers will choose to wear a parent-child outfit when going out, if they wear the same style of clothing as the child, it will form a full age-reducing effect, but also close the distance with the child, appear more warm and loving, she chose this kind of air-conditioned shirt has an obvious see-through effect, at this time in the inside need to match the camisole or their favorite bandeau inside, the special perspective effect can show the beautiful body curves, fashion hot mom is also eye-catching.

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