Ordos City brand cashmere audience aged 1-3 compromise thick cashmere pants arrival it!

Middle-aged thick cashmere cardigan

Middle-aged thick cashmere vest

Knee design: thick white fluff senior knee patches cold legs for old age

鄂尔多斯市品牌羊绒全场 1-3 折中老年加厚羊绒裤到货啦!

Belt design: thick white fluff High waist patch, anti-leak

Middle-aged thick cashmere pants

Knitted fabric: pure cashmere, siping idling process, more thick, a top two

鄂尔多斯市品牌羊绒全场 1-3 折中老年加厚羊绒裤到货啦!

Neckline design: simple atmospheric V-neck, cleanly, easy to mix

鄂尔多斯市品牌羊绒全场 1-3 折中老年加厚羊绒裤到货啦!

Cuff design: a slight contraction design, anti-drilling wind, but Shoulders

Hem: strong thread hem, smooth lines, work fine tight, long wash difficult variations

September 22 Chinese weather network news release said: this winter, “La Nina” status will affect the climate in most parts of the country, 80 percent of likely very very cold ……

Simply put: “There may freeze you cry!”

With immediate effect, the city of Ordos cashmere brand Factory Outlet, a new culture to the newspaper on the first floor, the audience 1-3 fold, good quality ultra low-cost, only the last five days of autumn and winter cashmere friends to buy, a rare opportunity, not to be missed Yo !

Wearing their own sisters looked like

“Good thing, rest assured, will be able to have you believe! This time, cashmere is also good, wearing not itching, very soft, very comfortable, very warm.” Changchun people Ms. Kim, Culture News of loyal readers, the size of almost all activities to see her figure.

“This does not, last week I bought two, my sister, sister looked like today, led them to try.” Ms. King said, “now has his own flies pretty good, to my sister to buy some good things to wear with a few sisters! “

Designed for middle-aged thickened design personal comfort, anti-leak, more warmth

The city of Ordos cashmere brand outlets, also specially prepared thick cashmere cardigan plus velvet middle-aged friends, cashmere and cashmere vest pants.

The older people say do not like to wear clothes hedging, forward thickening cashmere cardigan zipper design, easy to wear off, soft, loose and comfortable; thick cashmere vest, cover your chest before and after the middle-aged friends, warm heart of winter again We are not afraid of the cold; thick cashmere pants, cashmere thick piece High waist, knee design, you block the cold wind. From top to bottom, from the inside out, to give you more personal, more intimate protection. G Wear month / text

■ Activity Tips:

Bus: take bus 306, 66, 229, passage 240, passage 252, passage 315, passage 312, passage 124 and get off at the station a new culture newspaper

鄂尔多斯市品牌羊绒全场 1-3 折中老年加厚羊绒裤到货啦!

Through people say good reporter Quest Erdos cashmere good?

Good material, warm and good

Ordos City cashmere sweater that use only 0.2% of the world’s cashmere special quality personal Arbas goats, goats for the growth of a layer against the cold and in fine wool root, rich fluff. The more cold weather, fine velvet more generous, longer fiber growth, with strong insulation.

鄂尔多斯市品牌羊绒全场 1-3 折中老年加厚羊绒裤到货啦!

Soft, suede fullness

Cashmere sweater Ordos City exposed surface layer of fine cashmere, suede fullness, touch, soft and delicate and smooth, wearing stickers, in contact with the skin, not only does not itching feeling, as well as “soft, soft, light, smooth, warm “comfort.

Moisture permeability, comfortable to wear

Ordos City cashmere super absorbent capacity, moisture regain about 15%. Cashmere sweater wearing stickers, no matter how the outside temperature change, automatically absorb moisture, has good wicking action, and quickly adjust the temperature for the skin physiology and human skin.

鄂尔多斯市品牌羊绒全场 1-3 折中老年加厚羊绒裤到货啦!

Elegant and luxurious style, highlight the identity

Ordos City cashmere sweater classic style, elegant and gives a luxurious feel, you wear cashmere sweater even more charm, get to enjoy a warm and elegant demeanor. Cashmere sweater unique cultural taste, the pursuit of modern people to share the ideals of high grade.

Thick cashmere pants in the elderly

鄂尔多斯市品牌羊绒全场 1-3 折中老年加厚羊绒裤到货啦!

Original: 980 yuan / piece Supplying price: 240 yuan

Cashmere sweater

Original: 1660 yuan / piece Supplying price: 166 yuan

Cashmere coat

鄂尔多斯市品牌羊绒全场 1-3 折中老年加厚羊绒裤到货啦!

Original: 2218 yuan / piece Supplying price: 380 yuan

鄂尔多斯市品牌羊绒全场 1-3 折中老年加厚羊绒裤到货啦!

Brand good cashmere factory outlet last remaining five days into the store and polite

Erdos cashmere brand Factory Outlet City to New Culture newspaper on the first floor, the audience 1-3 fold, as well as triple into the shop every day to send Gifts prerelease:

A re-gift: Top 100 into the store and receive a free brand scarf a double ceremony: the top 100 consumer does not limit gifts worth 98 yuan a cashmere scarf

鄂尔多斯市品牌羊绒全场 1-3 折中老年加厚羊绒裤到货啦!

Triple Berry: buy a cashmere sweater, +10 yuan to get a $ 100 sheepskin gloves one (only 100 every day)

Only five days not missed, pay close attention to myself!

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