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The quiet rise of niche fashion in the past two years has allowed niche brands to mushroom in the public’s sight. Soon to Double 11, the editor found a few treasure crowd bag brands, those amazing bags that look expensive but are affordable, many of them come from these brands.

During Double 11, the whole game is as low as 5% off.


There is no loss in the shares


APEDE MOD, a fashion bag brand from New York, was founded by a top designer and a fashion buyer.

Every bag has it all

Functional and stylish.

And the most distinctive thing is their just right color use!

This Smiley Tote tote bag, a daily large-capacity tote bag, with a slightly designed handle, plus the brand’s classic element made of traditional embroidery – chain, full of fashion and very practical. Black, coffee, purple and mint green four colors to meet your different occasions and preferences! During the Double 11 event, you only need 1440 yuan!

Black and white snake print, a timeless trend classic. The Apede Mod/Le Book envelope bag, inspired by arched bridge architecture in the 20s, features a top-layer cowhide and metal handles, black and white serpentine colors and a variety of textured design elements. Fashionable, retro without losing the simplicity of temperament. Put it on your back and immediately open your aura. Double 11 value-added activity price 1349 yuan!

A denim piece for autumn and winter, this Froggy frog armpit bag is made with Italian craftsmanship. Durable denim fabric with textured gold or pearl chains is chic and vintage. Detachable chunky strap that can be worn under the armpits or cross-body. Available in two colours, salt or sweet. It’s also very easy to take care of. Double 11 to hand price 1596 yuan!

With 9 healing colors, the APEDE MOD Froggy medium geometric embroidered frog bag is a must-have for autumn and winter street styling. Package type upgrade, larger capacity. The combination of textured cowhide leather and exposed embroidery thread shows the French retro high-end feeling. A thousand yuan can get a non-collision bag comparable to the big brands in Europe and the United States!


Founded in 2013, Songmint, a small crowdsourcing brand focusing on user experience. Blended with Eastern philosophy, and handmade by a “grandma team” with an average age of 60 or more, each product is a Chinese masterpiece!

The same large-capacity vegetable basket children’s bag of wheat is made of soft European imported natural grained first-layer cowhide, with vintage electroplated hardware, and the sense of quality is self-evident. The brocade embroidery inside is full of ingenuity and national style design. Safe and practical magnetic absorbing clasp, intimate details to the bone. During Double 11, you can have this high-end bag with 4 wearing styles for less than 2,000 yuan!

The RESET set collection of saddle bags combines the feminine feel of the curve with the addition of a sculptural silhouette, combining minimalism and chic. It adopts European imported first-layer hand-rubbed cowhide, and the inside is plain microfiber calf leather. The classic versatile black and white color with the retro frosted cloud swallow buckle can bring home this concave shape artifact for only 1200 yuan!

This crocodile-patterned tofu bag not only has a color that suits the four seasons, but also looks very attractive. The same saddle bag above is made of high-quality materials. The adjustable shoulder strap fits three wearing styles. A niche bag that is easy to match, both fashionable and not easy to bump bags, Jimei, who likes the square shape, does not take advantage of Double 11 to start!


Founded in Florence, Italy, the century-old leather brand COCO D’ESTE blends vintage and modern design concepts, determined to launch minimalist and modern products, providing urban women with a capable and elegant temperament and a simple attitude to life.

This small Bordeaux Red Charlotte bag is enough to make people feel the name of the color. The unique design of the bag shape, the exposed line design adds to the sense of craftsmanship. Vintage colors and metal locks, noble but elegant, full of Italian atmosphere. The original price is 2290 yuan, and 1990 yuan during Double 11. Editors who like retro red can’t help but place an order!

Medium Charlotte bag in vintage dark green, as if coming out of an oil painting. Green not only relieves eye fatigue, but also heals the heart. Also a metal lock in antique metallic tones, it’s one of the season’s best eye-catching pieces. The Double 11 event costs 1790 yuan, which is really a small crowd bag worth having!

Many fashion bloggers Amway’s HERA series patent leather bags, the asymmetrical design is very artistic, fashionable and niche. Classic high-end coffee color, both low-key and handsome. The minimalist style can be used for daily life or commuting. Fashionable workplace elites have seen it, the super bargain price during the event is 1790 yuan, don’t miss this 21-year-old new model!

The new 2021 all-black cowhide leather ANNE bag has a very retro texture in patent leather. The modern design of the adjustable shoulder strap can be worn in the hand, underarmpit, cross-body and more. It’s also a versatile goodbye, whether it’s for casual or formal occasions, a bag can do it. It is also a price of less than 2,000 yuan, which is too exciting!

This half-moon bag is one of the must-have bags for fashionistas. Healing avocado green is the biggest hit on this year’s runway. The curved half-moon shape and the smooth and delicate cowhide material make the whole bag shine with a unique and charming glow, even without too many intricate decorations. If Jimei, who does not want to hit the bag, has difficulty choosing, then this half-moon bag that now only costs 1790 yuan is also a very recommended choice for the editor!


Born in 1948 in Florence, Italy, the classic leather goods brand has a core plant blending technology and hand-polishing process, and the category has expanded from small leather goods when it was founded to women’s handbags, men’s briefcases and suitcases. Today, we will introduce two handmade calfskin women’s bags.

This late autumn cross-body shell bag is handmade from Tuscan calf leather, Italy. The colors extracted from plants are dyed, the color is comfortable and natural, and it also better practices the brand’s fashion environmentalism. The small LED light built into the bag is very user-friendly. The small crowdsourcing that needs to be purchased on behalf of the buyer can now have this genuine version for 1199 yuan!

Like the horsehair collection, this Lolita candy-coloured diagonal clutch shell bag made from handmade and vegetable-dyed calfskin imported from Italy features a small user-friendly LED light and can be individually engraved with letters. Ruby red, red but not bright, but gives the whole bag a vintage look. If you like handmade products and vintage red Jimei, take advantage of the Double 11 event, come and take it away!

Source: IC, brand

Written by: Jacinta

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