Blood pressure measurement to detect health, 8 high-quality blood pressure monitors are recommended

If there are elderly people in the family and you need to accurately measure your blood pressure, it is best to choose an upper arm sphygmomanometer.

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To determine whether you have high blood pressure, you can not occasionally measure high blood pressure once or twice in the clinic or at home, the correct practice is to measure the blood pressure value for several consecutive days, if it is higher than 140/90 mmHg, it is judged to be hypertension.

Therefore, it is recommended that families self-measure blood pressure, and at this time, a quality sphygmomanometer is needed.

Gaide ranking will recommend several blood pressure monitors with a good reputation, everyone needs.

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Otherwise, you will be angry with others every day until your blood pressure soars


Omron upper arm intelligent automatic blood pressure meter U30

Omron sphygmomanometer has the most complete product line, whether it is upper arm, wrist, automatic or semi-automatic electronic sphygmomanometer, there are a variety of styles to choose from, most of which are developed and produced in Omron Dalian factory, which is also the world’s largest blood pressure monitor production base.

U30 is Omron hot selling style, high-definition backlight to improve reading clarity, with wearing prompt light, high and low blood pressure warning light, with 60 times of memory value, measurement, as a standard average function can calculate the last three sets of readings measured within 10 minutes, convenient for users to grasp the change of their blood pressure.

As the first online introduction of Omron, the U30 is easy to purchase and fast to deliver, making it suitable for buying for family use.

Price: about 399 yuan Purchase channels: Jingdong/Tmall/physical stores, etc


9. Safety automatic voice upper arm blood pressure monitor 5910V

As a global blood pressure monitor production base, Jiuan’s annual shipments can reach the world’s top three, and its domestic market share is second only to the international giant Omron. As the main feature of Jiuan, the upper arm blood pressure monitor adopts a unified design and wide buttons, which is more friendly to the elderly.

Jiuan chooses the wavelet core algorithm called “digital microscope” in the medical community to reduce the coefficient error caused by insufficient data, refine and analyze the frequency curve of the pressure signal through the telescopic translation operation, and cooperate with the intelligent pressurization mode to automatically determine the user’s suitable pressure value, which can also reduce the measurement error, and at the same time reduce the pressure on the arm, making the measurement process more comfortable. The upgraded version of KD-5910V adds a 4.4-inch orange backlit large screen and intelligent voice broadcast function, and the measurement error is 2.34mmHg, which meets the requirements of ESH (European Society of Hypertension) standards.

The fly in the ointment of the KD-5910V is that there is no cuff wearing self-test and wrong posture prompt function.

Price: about 169 yuan Purchase channels: Jingdong/Tmall/physical stores, etc


iHealth fully intelligent upper arm blood pressure meter BPM 1

iHealth is an Internet intelligent hardware brand under Jiuan Medical, the product hardware part is controlled by Jiuan safety line, and the measurement accuracy has also passed the American “AAMI SP-10 Sphygmomanometer Safety and Performance Standard”, the European “EN1060-4 Automatic Non-invasive Blood Pressure Monitor Overall System Accuracy Measurement Standard”, and the European “ESH 2010” standard.

In terms of comfort, the sphygmomanometer cuff is made of nylon knit tape and nylon composite wool, and the pressure process is also very smooth and stable. The BPM1 has a 4.3-inch full-Chinese color display, intuitive reading, and can also be combined with voice broadcasting, and the front operation panel only has one “dad test” and one “mom test”, which is almost difficult to get started and easy to use for elders.

BPM1 built-in large memory chip can also store 2000 measurement data, children can also through the mobile phone synchronization to understand the situation, the fly in the ointment is that the nozzle port and data cable socket position is compact, can not be used while charging, in addition, for the arm thicker measurer, the cuff wrap is slightly uneven, need to be adjusted, otherwise it is easy to have errors.

Price: about 289 yuan Purchase channels: Jingdong/Tmall/physical stores, etc


Yuyue automatic upper arm blood pressure instrument YE690C

Yuyue Medical is a well-deserved boss in the domestic traditional mercury sphygmomanometer market, after entering the electronic sphygmomanometer market in 2010, the sales revenue exceeded 100 million yuan in only one year, and the market share of electronic sphygmomanometer in China exceeded Panasonic and other brands.

YE690C supports double use, 80 data memories per group. Large screen display, orange backlight for easy reading, can also be voice-broadcast. The cuff is connected to a 360-degree rotatable air tube, which has a strong adaptive ability to different attitudes, making the cuff self-test function useless and worry-free. Hypertension warning, heart rate detection and other functions are complete.

Yuyue is mainly sold in the Chinese market, emphasizing cost performance, and there are a wide range of purchase channels for blood pressure monitors online and offline.

Price: about 239 yuan Purchase channels: Jingdong/Tmall/physical stores, etc


Lexin Automatic Upper Arm Smart Blood Pressure Meter i7

Lexin has tried more in intelligent health wearable devices, the products are mainly smart bracelets, there are not many single products of blood pressure monitors, but they also pursue intelligence and electronics, and seek the expansion of the function of the blood pressure monitor itself.

i7 is a new generation of Lexin blood pressure monitor, compared with i5, the charging interface has been changed, and the adaptability is wider. The appearance design inherits the previous generations, rectangular tablet design, 5.2-inch Blu-ray display screen is very wide, buttons are uniformly arranged on the right side, support dual users, voice broadcast. In terms of measurement, the two-tube design adopts a linear dual-channel shunt of pressure and pulse detection, and only captures the pulse signal, so that even the most basic FFT filtering algorithm can be used to obtain accurate results.

With the DPDA intelligent pressurization method independently developed by Lexin, different pressurization values are set according to the user’s situation, and the error is controlled within 3mmHg, and the accuracy has also passed the CFDA medical certification standard of the State Food and Drug Administration of China. In addition, it can also be connected to the mobile phone to record data changes.

Price: about 249 yuan Purchase channels: Jingdong/Tmall/physical stores, etc


Panasonic automatic wrist type electronic blood pressure monitor EW-BW13

Panasonic sphygmomanometers are very rich in models, wrist sphygmomanometers also have a variety of options, among which EW-BW13 has a good use comfort. The edges of the shell are rounded, and there are no burrs or cracks on the surface. The wristband is made of leather with a soft and smooth lining, so it will not fit on the wrist.

When the measurement action is not correct, there will be a “body movement prompt”, indicating that the measurement result may be inaccurate. However, the weight of 322g is larger, the pressurization process is slightly slower, and there is noise.

If you go out often, the wrist blood pressure monitor is indeed much more convenient, but it should be noted that the accuracy of its data is still not as good as the upper arm type.

Price: about 219 yuan Purchase channels: Jingdong/Tmall/physical stores, etc


Dr. Mike’s upper arm automatic blood pressure monitor BP3BM1-3P

Dr. Mike sphygmomanometer is currently based on the upper arm, the appearance design is relatively similar, are narrow and long screen, display blood pressure, pulse number, heart rate and other values, pay attention to the heart rate data, almost all series of products are equipped with atrial fibrillation detection patent technology, by detecting pulse rhythm, can accurately determine abnormal conditions and issue warnings, sensitivity reaches 97%, convenient for users to have a more detailed understanding of the physical condition.

The BP3BM1-3P is the highest-selling one among e-commerce platforms, and it is also the lowest-priced one. The body is solid and the buttons are wide, suitable for home use. Able to automatically inflate and have 60 sets of memories at the same time.

Price: about 238 yuan Purchase channels: Jingdong/Tmall/physical stores, etc


The wind is strong enough, and the air outlet is stable and even

CH-550 blood pressure monitor, thoughtful “misuse prompt” makes every measurement result very reliable, the display is 5 inches, the reading is clear and intuitive, but there is no backlight function, the dark place may look more difficult.

Citizen sphygmomanometers sold on the e-commerce platform Citizen sphygmomanometers sold on the e-commerce platform have fewer upgrading, and if you do not pursue intelligence and novel functions, Citizen is enough for daily use.

Price: about 408 yuan Purchase channels: Jingdong/Tmall/physical stores, etc

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