A new way to play home MPV, travel with city commuting! Real shot of SAIC MAXUS Traveler G20

As the sojourn market gets hotter and hotter, more and more models are emerging for sojourn living. In Europe and the United States, family MPV camper van is very common and very popular with young users, at present there are not many such products in our country, the most representative model is the original production of Traveler G20 camper from SAIC Maxus, it is developed with the model G20 on sale, with some basic functions of travel / camping, in terms of flexibility can be used as a commuter vehicle, this multi-purpose caravan model also just caters to the needs of young families, The price range of SAIC MAXUS Traveler G20 is 269,800 yuan to 309,800 yuan.

SAIC MAXUS Traveler G20 is divided into two versions, one is a sun panel and the other is a time version, and the biggest feature that distinguishes the two is to see whether there is a one-button electric ceiling. What we photographed today is the Traveler G20 Time Edition, the front of the new car adopts a very atmospheric large-sized grille design, and all chrome decorative strips create a refined atmosphere.

The Traveler G20 adopts a full LED light group, with functions such as headlight height adjustment and automatic opening and closing of headlights.

The SAIC MAXUS Traveler G20 Time Edition has exterior dimensions of 5198×1980×2043mm and a wheelbase of 3198mm. There is no need to worry about people who are worried about the height limit caused by raising the roof, because it controls the height at 2043mm, and it is not affected at all for the basement and elevated ceiling.


The top of the Traveler G20 features a pop-up roof design, which is very popular in Europe, also known as the Pop-top roof, surrounded by soft tarpaulin connections, with openable ventilation mesh windows in the left and right front three directions. It is worth mentioning that this pop-up roof is electrically operated, and when the engine is working, the roof cannot be opened, and it must be turned off to operate to ensure safety.

Overall, sleeping two adults in this bed on the roof is basically not a problem, and although the insulation is not as good as the hard box, it is much more comfortable than ordinary tents.

Under normal conditions, the rear of the car is a platform composed of outdoor dining tables, which is a particularly good use scenario for users who like outdoor fishing, and people sit in this position without worrying about wind, sun and rain. In addition, SAIC Maxus officially also provides users with a better application scenario, you can choose a rear independent tent, open the tailgate to fix the tent here, convenient for bathing outside the car when camping.

The rear of the car is equipped with a simple quick-connect type shower, the shower head is in the form of an external plug, and you can shower at the rear of the car when camping, which is also the necessity of the optional rear independent tent we mentioned above.

As a difference between a campervan and an RV, the Traveller G20 does not come with a fixed toilet, but is equipped with a Thetford portable toilet.

The rear section provides some small storage compartments for carrying some small equipment when traveling. The Traveler G20 comes standard with a 60-liter clean water tank and a 20-liter grey water tank to meet the basic water needs of life, and drinking water has its own independent water tank.

The rear of the car is equipped with a membrane touch panel, which integrates 12V power supply, inverter, interior light switch, ceiling mechanism switch and water tank monitoring status information, while the 220V power socket and water pump switch are independent buttons. The circuit part is equipped with 12V/200Ah lead-acid battery and 2000W charging and inverter integrated machine.

On the left side of the body is a manual sliding door, mainly to make room for the outdoor pull-out stove, the outdoor stove can be extracted part is longer, from the inside to the outside are the storage compartment, square sink and cassette stove shelf.

In the cab, the Traveler G20 is equipped with a multi-function steering wheel, a 12.3-inch high-definition intelligent touch screen (with Radio + video playback + Bluetooth function), and a SAIC Alibaba.ai interconnection system. The surface of the windshield in the center console area is made of hard material, and the leather material with seams is used under the large screen, which is generally in line with the tonality of household MPVs.

The three-spoke steering wheel is equipped with many function buttons, and the leather cover feels outstanding. The back of the steering wheel is also equipped with paddle shifters, which is quite surprising for a home MPV, and it belongs to the configuration beyond this positioning.

The air conditioning control area in front of the center console adopts a physical button design, and the actual use experience I think is more practical than those touch designs.

The central armrest is equipped with a gear shift knob, and the function buttons are distributed around a circular knob, equipped with three driving modes of Eco/Sportl/Normal, electronic handbrake, Autohold automatic parking system, automatic engine start-stop system, electric/manual door switching system and other functions.

Behind the central armrest are two cup slots.

At the back of the cup slot is a double-door storage compartment with a large depth that can hold some information and debris with the car.

The Traveler G20 has an eight-way power seat for the main driver and a four-way manually adjustable seat for the co-driver.

There are large storage compartments on the upper and lower floors of the door panel, and it is not a problem to basically place 4 bottles of mineral water.

The interior of the vehicle adopts the layout form of 2+2+2, the maximum nuclear load is 6 people, the middle row of seats is fixed backward, the middle 4 people meeting area is reserved, and the seat front and rear have a certain adjustable stroke, which can basically ensure the user’s leg stretch space. The small dining table in the middle can be folded onto the sideboard when not in use.

Under the small dining table is the fixing place of the drinking water tank (need to be selected separately, or buy it yourself, you can also directly fix the common 2 liters of bottled water), usually for the sake of beauty with a sliding curtain.

The bed converted from a 4-seat seat is 10 cm wider than the roof bed, so it is recommended to buy an air mattress when using this bed to make sleeping more comfortable.

To the left of the dining table is an integrated cabinet (with water dispenser, refrigerator, folding dining table), which is a relatively deep Indel refrigerator that can be adjusted in the temperature range of -18°C to 10°C, and meets the needs of freezing and refrigeration at the same time.

Next to the refrigerator is a simple sink with a faucet directly connected to the 60-litre clean water tank, which can be cleaned for fruits and vegetables and other foods.

The depth of the storage compartment in this position is still good, and we can see that there is still a margin by placing the two fruit trays inside.

The multi-functional workbench is also equipped with a drinking water heater, through the touch of the button to achieve its operation, the water heater is connected to the bottom direct drinking water tank, the biggest advantage of this water heater is that you can drink hot water at any time and anywhere, the lowest temperature is 45 °C insulation, then 75 °C, the highest temperature is 100 °C.

Summary: As a multifunctional family MPV modified camper, we can’t look at the Traveler G20 like an RV, its main attribute is that it can meet the daily commuting and can bear certain light camping/travel functions, and the daily flexible way is its advantage, and it is also its most used scenarios. Under the premise of the current hot camping market, the way of simple travel or light camping will definitely become more and more popular with young users.

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