Breathing is the most important thing when exercising, don’t blame your weight if you can’t run 5 kilometers, and share a practical method

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————————————————————————————————— below is the body part

I discovered the secret of breathing, and it’s self-evident how important it is for running qi training:

At least have a full advantage in continuous power output!

This matter has to start with my roommate –

In the dormitory, there is a big man from Shandong, who is one meter eight seven meters tall and weighs one hundred and eighteen.

His academic performance is quite good, and the fourth and sixth levels are more than five hundred, which I admire him.

But he also has troubles, he troubles his weight. Frankly, he is indeed a little overweight.

Sometimes he doubts that he will not be able to marry his wife in the future. But this seems to me somewhat inexplicable.

I said, “You just have to exercise well, and the physical deficiencies can be repaired quickly.”

Plus, you have a fitness card.

Running, squatting, abdominal abuse, weight lifting, a set of combinations, guaranteed for a month, you are a male god!

It’s not me pouring chicken soup on you, ugly words ahead: every fat person is a potential stock, this is definitely not just talk. ”

However, he gave me the answer: “Every time I go to the gym, I do aerobic exercise, and then I take a shower and come back.”

Every time I went to touch dumbbell barbells, a trainer would come over and recommend fitness classes, and I was bored. ”

“What training do you have to do to manage their, you are a member, you can make your own decisions, they say theirs, you do yours, you can’t help but say no.”

Now there are many online fitness videos, and the practicality is quite high, you can completely distinguish yourself, you can also make your own plan.

Take your own path, take your own steps~”

In fact, if you don’t do high-intensity training, it is more troublesome to lose weight.

It’s like myself getting fat during this time! The data is 175-135, a full five pounds of fat, this lump of meat is especially long on the belly.

Seeing that the good abs are about to be one, the heart is extremely stuffed~

I felt like I was going to keep exercising.

Because I haven’t run well for a while.

Fortunately, the weather is really good today.

Enjoy the sun while enjoying the thrill of running.

The beating of the heart, the stretching of the muscles, and the feeling of sweating make the mind clear.

I once said, “People who don’t love sports, don’t love life.” ”

Life is so boring in ordinary times, repeated over and over again.

Even if you jump out of this circle in the occasional round, you’ll eventually return to your original trajectory.

It’s as if everything you have is with some kind of inertia, and under this fixed trajectory day by day, something similar to centripetal force is produced, dragging and pulling, so that you are difficult to break free, and you are pulled back again and again by the devilish force.

It’s a pity that no amount of language is pale. To get rid of it, imagination is not enough, to put it bluntly, getting out of the comfort zone is what we really have to do, including my roommate. His situation seems to me to be that he is not fighting enough, and he is not determined to lose weight enough.

Think about yesterday, I ran five kilometers, very happy. But afterwards, it was found that the intensity was not enough, just running could not do, and strength training had to keep up.

But lately, there really isn’t enough time to execute the body shaping program.

Read, study, read, study ~ This is the rhythm now, not violable!

However, this five-kilometer run made me discover the secret of breathing, which will help me in future exercises, and I will share it with you here, I hope it will help.

Everyone in the practice said clearly: “Practice in one breath!” ”

Flying cornices and walking walls, so far there is no need to think about it.

This time, I think that running and breathing can exercise that breath. The way is – it’s cyclical.


The essence is that the exhaled breath must be recovered in time!

This is important!

Qi, qi, I think breathing is to absorb new force in the previous exhalation, and the end point of the front force is the starting point of the new force.

Simply put, if you exhale through your mouth, suck that breath back when you are about to exhale, and if you are interested, you may wish to try it, I believe you can find the rhythm in it.

After practicing it, I realized that this is the secret of breathing.

If the human body is compared to pig iron, breathing is like a blower, running is calcination, and breakthroughs in breathing help forge a strong body.

This can keep my strength pumping so much that I don’t get tired at all after running five kilometers!

Of course, this is just my personal data, and I look forward to more martial arts colleagues participating in the exchange, maybe a better way can be born.

In the future, I will continue to follow up and study whether this method is good or not.

Is it helpful for everyone to share so much today?

What do you think?

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