4 mouthfuls of painted masks recommended: moisturizing moisturizing samples are not bad, worth collecting

Hey, I want to change the beauty with you ~

Our skin care will also change in every seasons. Seasonal skin care,

It is very important to hydrate soothing

. During this time, the skin is prone to sensitive problems, and maintaining the stability skin care is the key to helping skin safety over the season.

Autumn and winter hydrating is soothing, using the applied mask is very suitable, compared to the patch mask,

Apply more comfortable use of applicable masks, there is no particular limitation on your face

It is only necessary to clean the mask before going to bed. It is significantly improved using the skin moisturizing degree using the film skin.


Today, Koala is prepared for everyone.

4 mouthmarks, painting masks, moisturizing moisturizing spots, each repo index is very high, worth collecting!

Korres Greek Good Milk Repair Machine


A small partner who is troubled by acne muscle skin, this applied mask may wish to try

. Mask mainly 14-day skin renewal experience, for flourishing, rough, and vaporial vaccination, the skin’s adverse performance can be soothless effect.

The main ingredient added in the mask Greek yogurt, contains a large amount of benefit ingredients, improve the skin state, delicate and tender skin skin, which helps the skin to stabilize, and improve the skin of the skin, improve the skin environment.

In addition, the active ingredient contains lactic acid active ingredients, as a mild reincarnation component, can improve skin roughness, smooth skin state; compound salicylic acid ingredients, balance skin grease, effectively improve the skin acne, acne problem Accelerate epidermis metabolism.


Triple hyaluronic acid formula synergies moisturizing technique, constructing long-acting molter films on the surface of the skin, enhances skin moisturizing skin. This mask overall formula 0 is added, and the mask can be tried relatively friendly for Yumin’s acne muscles.


Philojia Ten Quanzhi Mask

The heat of this applicable mask has always been very high, more than being used alone, and there is a very hot “sandwich” skin care method. The mask contains 50 active ingredients, and also synergies hyaluronic acid.

Combine hydrating and efficacy



The mask functions to function with a strong skin barrier structure through the composition of biola. Through hyaluronic acid and moisturizing factor, the skin continues to supply moisture and long acting.

In addition, the active ingredient in this mask is activated in the skin in the skin.


This mask has a good effect on improving the overall skin of the skin, and silky skin moisturizing. The body of the barrier is healthy, you can try this mask for comprehensive skin care.

Peter Roof Rate Gel Mask

Pursue a small partner of efficient hydrating skin care, this mask is a good choice

. The mask pays attention to the skin to solve the problem, and there is another effect of the seasonal skin problem.


The mask can effectively improve the moisture content of the skin’s keratin layer by cucumber fruit, can effectively improve the moisture content of the skin of the skin; Aloe juice in the case of improved skin oil, increase the skin moisturizing and moisturizing, soothing the skin’s uneasiness. In addition, this mask contains multiple natural moisturizing factors, deep penetration skin keratin, and enhances skin barrier function.


This mask is suitable for a variety of skin states, especially suitable for biasing skin for hydrating skin care, with a certain soothing effect. At the beginning of the skin sensitive symptoms, you can also try it.

馥 poetry rose moisturizing mask

For this plated mask, I believe everyone is not stranger, it is also a star single product of Hao Lei poetry. The mask is mainly equipped with moisturizing and moisturizing, and there is another effect of assisting brightening skin color.

Contains three forms of rose extracts,

Highly nourishing the skin, reintegrating the moisturizing force for the skin.

In addition, there are two plant extracts in the full skin moisture, soothing moisturizing skin, and various plants are essential to improve the skin texture. In addition, there is an addition of yeast extract in the mask to accelerate skin metabolism, improve skin texture, and have a certain whitening effect.


This mask contains rose petals, and the fragrance is very fresh, and it is very good to apply the skin care experience in the face. This mask is more suitable for the skin of the barrier, making hydrating and moisture care, which has a significant effect on the skin of the skin, improve the skin tone caused by water shortage.

Finally, Koala should prompt everyone, although the plastic mask is informal, but it is not excessive use, and three care per week is enough. In addition, it is sought, and the applicable mask should not be used overnight. Before going to bed, it must be rinsed, and simple moisture care.

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