Six highlights of the U PU nail film

In the past, nail polish was a necessity for fashionable women, either in candy color, or heavy metal texture, or fashion-forward style. However, nail polish brings us beauty but also erodes the health of nails, containing toxic and harmful substances that make nails yellow and brittle and corrode nails. Nowadays, the main safety and environmental protection nail film has also become a fashion and trendy product sought after by girls. What is the charm of U PU nail film, let’s listen to the introduction of Jinsheng nail film manufacturers.

1. Mou PU nail film is made of environmentally friendly material – TPU as raw material by core process technology, no formaldehyde, no toluene, no plasticizer, pregnant women can use it with confidence.

2. There are countless holes on the nail film, which maintain good air permeability, so that the nails can breathe as much as they want, and will not have a sense of attachment like other nail stickers, and there is no discomfort in the nails after pasting.

3. The nail patch has good adhesion, is not afraid of water, not easy to scratch, and the most important thing is that it is still not edged after a few days of use, and the quality is ahead of similar brands.

4. The retention time is up to 14 days, and after 14 days, new nails also grow, and the general nail stickers have long been worn or edged. The nail patch is still intact.

5. The surface of the nail film is shiny, flexible, delicate and wear-resistant, and has a long-lasting gloss, which is comparable to the phototherapy effect of a nail shop.

6. Flat and easy to stick, easy to use, easy to remove, just gently tear off.

Jinsheng specializes in the production of TPU pearl film, which can be widely used in advertising printing, automotive furniture protection, nail art and other fields, welcome customers to inquire. For more PU nail film introduction, please visit:

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