This winter, “French short boots” is too hot, learn to wear, elegant and fashionable

In the fashion match, don’t smash a pair of shoes, the length of the shoes, the length of the shoe, the design of the shoes, etc. These details will affect the temperament that the shoes are striking.


Today, I want to recommend a practical and wild shoes, that is, the French short boots, whether it is a needle sweater or a coat, is a high-level.

First, “coat + French short boots” match

• Gray coat + red french boots

The length of the boots, just right and cowboy nine pants, showing the position of the slender ankle, special practice. The little sister stood under the warm sun in winter, showing bright and moving, too bright.

• Black coat + red french boots

Wine red French boots, compared to the brightly low-key retro retro, it is mixed with the air black woolen coat, and there will be no sense of violation. The extremely thin boots tube, wrap the ankle position, easy to show the slimming feel of the calf line.

• Brown grily coat + rice white French boots

Among the matters of the vital vintage atmosphere, it is paying attention to the use of but some seem to have a single product to highlight the high-level atmosphere. Like this large-scale grilled coat jacket, simple atmosphere, the lower body with light blue nine-point jeans and light colored french boots, perfectly reflecting the thin leg lines, retro and elegant feelings.


• Camel coat + red french boots


This bright leather’s large style booties are very suitable for featuring lively women, showing mature women’s atmospheric superior charm, thick with a certain retro feel, with a classic style coat coat, elegant fashionable.

• White lamb hair coat + black french boots


The basic color is never erroneous, for the novice idea that will not match, this mature and significant people’s coat shape is definitely the first choice for the winter, and the loose plush outer cassette is equipped with the lower body. Black trousers, slim and rich lazy breath, with obvious French style, special advanced.

• Black coat + brown square boots

Among the coats with retro large gas, you can choose the French short boots of the square design, which increases the high-quality gas field, which shows that the momentum is very strong, and the overall shape is exquisite and very unique. I believe most Mature women are able to control this type of matching.

Second, “sweater + French short boots” match

• Blue sweater + black french boots

The legal boots of this pointed style are more suitable for the cool handsome Royal Jue. Short knit cardigan jackets are scrapped in the upper body, equipped with high waist leisats jeans, forming three or seven-point body proportion, this tall body shape, it is too fast.

• White sweater + brown french boots

The white knitted cardigan of the light fabric, using a small-collar design, exposed a slender neck line, but also played the role of the formation, the lower body is equipped with high waist trousers, highlighting the strength of the figure, as if it is a retro senior The brown shine french boots, using this retro dark embellishment to highlight the high-level feeling of light-colored styles.

• Camel sweater + square leg short boots


The material of the bright surface can highlight a sexy. Pyrotelled leather shooting is more test fashion, it is easy to match, so it is necessary to choose carefully.

• Plaid suit + brown french boots


In addition, in the selection of short boots fabrics, you can also choose this boot with crocodile pattern detail design. This unique embossed design is more wild, which will look domineering.


• Fur jacket + brown square boots

French short boots with a square design, with a certain retro feel, with nine-point trousers, can maximize the body lines of the lower body.


Do you have a hundred and fashionable foot boots? If you feel the above match, try it.


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