Kaziran X Dunhuang Museum Joint Series Presents New Interpreting Trendy New Makeup with Dunhuang Colors

In September 2020, makeup brand Kazilan joined hands with the Dunhuang Museum to launch a new series of makeup with the theme of “Awakening Dunhuang” inspired by Dunhuang murals and the magnificent colors accumulated for thousands of years. As a leading fashion makeup brand in China, Kazilan returns to its origin while gaining insight into the trend culture, constantly inherits the beauty of traditional Chinese culture and art, makes Dunhuang colors bloom, and leads the new trend of national makeup.

The national tide is shining in the east

In recent years, the more culturally confident Chinese generation has begun to become the main consumer group of makeup products, and the “national tide” culture has also taken root in the hearts of the people, and has become a new choice for them to express their individuality and create their own trends. In the flourishing atmosphere of “national tide”, “Chinese makeup” is also gradually becoming popular in Asia, becoming the top of the imitation makeup list on major social platforms.

As a leading Chinese fashion makeup brand with a history of nearly 20 years, Kaziran focuses on the present, maintains a keen sense and insight into trend culture at all times, and actively seeks to combine with Chinese traditional culture. This time, we will join hands with Dunhuang Museum to create a new series of joint makeup products, which is committed to spreading the beauty of Dunhuang culture and art to consumers in a new way of modern trend makeup, exploring younger and more attractive expressions, and showing a different national style trend.


Awakening Dunhuang

As the throat of the ancient Silk Road, Dunhuang not only plays an important role in economic exchanges, but also transmits the completely different arts and cultures of the East and the West in both directions, indirectly promoting the prosperity of the human world. The Dunhuang culture we are familiar with today is itself a record of the vast wisdom of the ancient Orient, and has high literary and aesthetic research value.

The joint series created by Kazilan inspired by Dunhuang collides strong Dunhuang elements with modern makeup, uses color tension to show power, interprets the new style of Dunhuang makeup, and shows Dunhuang’s long-standing art and culture from a new perspective.

The joint series of makeup of Kazilan × Dunhuang Museum integrates the elements of Dunhuang murals from the inside out, including Shenmei Trick Lotte, Feminine Flying Sky, and Nine Colored Deer

Dunhuang Red

Lingluo Gold

Crafted for the main colour. This collection includes 6 makeup products:

【Rubik’s Cube Nine-Color Eye Shadow】Combines the unique element of Dunhuang, Mojing pattern, and contains seven precious gemstone powder;

【Soft Star Veil Ten Color Eye Shadow】A beautiful color combination that integrates water jade satin light and colorful pearl light, and reproduces the beautiful colors of Dunhuang with red dot blue;

【Linglu relief high-gloss powder plate】High-end nine-color deer stepping cloud three-dimensional relief, two-color texture gloss flow;

【Velvet Mousse Lip Stain】The texture of the mousse is delicate and soft, and the high-grade velvet mist shimmers, which fully releases the gorgeous and noble sense of flying sky;

【Always moisturizing foundation】Delicate and silky texture, whitewashed porcelain skin, patented blessing (snail secretion filtrate), zero powder feeling;

【Fine Micro Tracing Eyebrow Pen】With Dunhuang painting art, 1.5mm slender refill, delicate powder, coloring immediately after drawing.

The 6 star products show the beauty and gorgeous colors of Dunhuang together, dreaming back to the millennium of Dunhuang and awakening the beauty of the prosperous era.

It is worth mentioning that the “Dunhuang colors” used in this series come from the murals and cultural relics in the collection of the Dunhuang Museum, which have been strictly researched and authoritatively certified by the Dunhuang Museum, and have a strong historical heritage and cultural precipitation.

Tong Liya, the spokesperson of the Kazlan brand, also expressed her creative makeup created by the new series of KAZIRAN X Dunhuang Museum, including [Dunhuang Red] makeup inspired by the red in the Tiangong Feast picture, and [Yingluo Gold] makeup inspired by the yellow of the gilded light and auspicious clouds left by Feitian, showing consumers a variety of Dunhuang makeup combinations in the new series.

Absorb the color precipitation of thousands of years and dream back to the beauty of Dunhuang. The joint series of makeup of Kaziran X Dunhuang Museum focuses on the current young trend and leads the new makeup trend with gorgeous color matching, which is bound to become another classic of Kazilan.

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