The ruler is short, the inch is longer— Morphy Richard MR-9200 original juicer review

The ruler is short, the inch is longer— Morphy Richard MR-9200 original juicer review

Author: MR_RAIN

Huba Huba~! I picked up my phone and found that my aunt had sent me a crowd test success SMS, and then… (10,000 words omitted here). Thanks to my aunt’s care, I dedicated another first time in my life to my aunt (the first time to sign in for so long, the first time to shop – (Japan, America, Yingya), the first time to post a list, the first successful crowd test), of course, behind the success of this crowd test are countless failures. This incident tells us that life does not stop, applications do not stop,

Failure is the mother of success

! (It should be here)

Without further ado, the text begins:

First send you the purchase address of this “original juice machine”:

Genuine Mofei portable juicer juicer mixer juicer juicer MR9200 baby food supplement blender…

(Note: There are two kinds of this juice machine, one cup and one two cups.) Purchase advice: two cups are more convenient)

In addition, let’s talk about the background of the article: before the evaluation product was received, I also successfully applied for a coupon original juice machine in the milk tea shop, plus the original juice machine bought by my mother TV shopping before, the kitchen at home exploded instantly (the kitchenette can’t afford to hurt), so first, the evaluation content moved to the living room; Second, the article will have a lot of pictures and text content. Of course, in order to make people who love to see pictures also enjoy the benefits, I will add text explanations to most of the pictures.

Let’s solve the structure of the article first

1. Unpacking and detail display

2. Parameter configuration

3. User experience

4. Portability experience

5. Ergonomic cup

6. Summary

—————————————————–I’m the gorgeous dividing line———————————————–

First, unpacking and detail display

The first is the outer packaging, in fact, the outer packaging has nothing to dry, a simple introduction, the packaging is intact, only these four-word mantras make people ecstatic “the value has arrived”

Open the outer kraft corrugated box, the crowd test instructions come into view, open the crowd test instructions to see the real packaging box of the product.

The outer box and inner box are tightly seamed to avoid damage to the product during transportation (Celestial Empire Express, who uses who knows)

Product Information: (1) Convenient juice cups containing two Tritan materials

It’s time for popular science.

Tritan™, full name Tritan Copolyester, is a new generation of copolyester developed by Eastman Company. For specific information, please refer to the website:

tritan_ Baidu Encyclopedia

(2) Ideal for travel, office, sports

The son of the family is 2 years old, and he applied for this product because of him.

Product information: blender cup and portable cup in one; The portable cup and lid can be cleaned in the dishwasher (when can I get into a dishwasher, let me this artificial dishwasher also rest, and everyone who adopts a son knows that washing is not made fast!). ); Stainless steel blade for easy cleaning; MADE IN CHINA MADE IN CHINA, PRODUCT MODEL MR-9200.

Open the inner packaging of the product, the box is divided into 3 areas by the corrugated box, carrying cup, instruction manual and warranty card, fuselage, and the fuselage is protected by 1.5cm thick cushioning foam cotton around the fuselage.

Come to a family portrait

Lift your hijab and let me see your face~

Give a product diagram

Here’s the first component: the lid of the portable cup

The second component: portable cup body (a little slag taken by yourself, borrow a picture from the official website)

Next: stirring the components (plastic is relatively strong), because the juice needs to be combined with the portable cup, so the bottom of the silicone pad can be leak-proof.

And then there is: the fuselage

Cable length data:

Huiren: 140cm

Beauty: 100cm

Mofei: 112cm

Unpacking ends here.

2. Parameter configuration

Borrow from the Tmall configuration map

See a fruit processor in a black box? Editor!

Now there are many types of juicing machines on the market, how to choose the right one for yourself? Then you need to understand the working principle and advantages and disadvantages of these machines, so that it will be much more convenient when choosing.

When the time for popular science comes, please sit down and listen to the lecture!

The juicer was developed by Dr. Norman Walker. Norman Walker was invented in 1930. This doctor is famous all over the world and is known as the father of the active juice machine.

Juicers are mainly divided into the following categories:


Original juicer representative brand: Hurom/Huiren

The precursor part of the juicer is made of environmentally friendly materials


Made-up. It passes

Screw-forward extrusion, low-speed flexible extraction

The way to process food, will not use sharp knife tips to crush food, will not bring severe impact, friction and destruction to food, minimize the possibility of food being oxidized by the air, retain the natural taste and nutrition of food, so that the juice made is more natural, fresher and more nutritious. The original juicer is not only suitable for ripe fruits, leaves with more fiber, hard root vegetables, but also suitable for fruits with small seeds such as grapes and pomegranates, and you can prepare single fruit juice, mixed fruit juice, pure fruit juice, concentrated fruit juice according to your taste, and can also make soy milk, vegetable tofu, fruit ice cream, grape pulp, ginger concentrate, etc. The biggest feature of the original juicer is:

High juice yield, simple operation, easy to clean, can be used continuously

。 In addition, it adopts

Low-speed motor

Low noise

for superior durability.


Representative brands: Philips, Joyoung and so on

Extrusion juicer

: This juicer utilizes

The screw bar squeezes fruits and vegetables

, so that the juice flows out through a fine stainless steel strainer. The pulp is continuously pressed. In general, this type of juicer extracts more nutrients from the juice; At the same time, because it generates less heat and friction, more enzymes can be retained.

Centrifugal juicer

High-speed rotating (15,000 rpm) knife mesh

Chop the fruits and vegetables so that the juice flows out through a fine stainless steel filter under the action of centrifugal force.

The friction and high temperatures generated by high-speed cutting destroy some vitamins and enzymes

。 Whether the pulp is used continuously for juicing or collected in pomace vats depends on the function of the juicer. The centrifugal juicer also brings a small amount of air into the juice, resulting in slight oxidation of nutrients.

Mixer / wall breaker

Representative brand: Vitamix/Vitamix

Some fruits and vegetables don’t get much juice, so in addition to a juicer or juicer, many people prepare a blender to handle food. Moreover, compared to fruit juice, the mixed drink made with this machine is added to some

Difficult raw materials

Also completely OK, such as flaxseed, dried herbs, malt, etc. Whether processing fruits and vegetables, or blends of fruits and vegetables with herbs, nuts, seeds, whole grains or other ingredients, a blender is enough.

Wall breaker

Also called

Food processor

Simply put, it can be understood as a blender with extremely high speed, which can break the cell wall of ingredients and make the nutrients inside the cells easier to be absorbed by the body. Even the best juicers can’t extract all the nutrients in the pulp, while blenders can whip food into very small particles so that we can drink the pomace while drinking the juice. (Tips: If you want to drink delicate juice, you also need to use a strainer to filter out the pomace.) )

Electric juicer

Representative brand: Braun/Braun

Electric juicer is from

Oranges, grapefruit, limes, lemons and pomegranates

and other high-power machines for extracting juice from fruits. To use, cut the fruit in half and place on a cup-shaped mold. When the control handle is pressed, the mold starts to rotate and the juice can be squeezed to the maximum. Electric juicers are a convenient option for extracting juice from fruits such as oranges. (Note: Only applicable to fruits with relatively large water content)

Manual juicers are not introduced.

————- The above content is excerpted from major websites

Seeing this, basically everyone should be able to make the right choice based on their own needs. I wish you all a good chop!

3. User experience (this paragraph is mainly a video)

Tips: The video sound is a bit noisy, please turn the volume down and turn the video on.

Assembly stage: Mofei fruit blender assembly picture display

Huiren original juice machine assembly picture display

Midea original juice machine assembly picture display

After assembly, prepare the following ingredients: 3 apples, 2 oranges, 1 banana, 2 strawberries, 1 box of pure milk, noise tester

First of all, support domestic products, beauty comes first. Midea original juicer juicing display (orange)

Midea original juicer juicing display (apple)

Next, our protagonist appears, the Morphy Richard MR-9200 Original Juicer. Since no one in my family liked the juice with pomace, I just made a shake from it.

Finally, a stick juicer. Huiren original juice machine juicing display (orange)

Huiren original juice machine juicing display (apple)

As you can see from the video above, the loudest at work is our protagonist Morphy Richard MR-9200 original juicer, and the fastest juice is our protagonist Morphy Richard Mofei Electric MR-9200 original juicer. This is mainly because they work differently (just read the previous part carefully).

The amount of juice produced by Midea’s original juice machine and the original juice machine of Huiren is basically the same, and the taste of the juice is also the same. But the family agreed that pure juice is not as good as milkshakes, pure juice is not as good as milkshakes, and pure juice is not as good as milkshakes. Say important things 3 times. LD even promised to give me a milkshake every morning after that, I will take it away! (Take away?) Yes, take away! As for why you can take it, please see the next part)

Let’s talk about it briefly. Midea’s juicer and Huiren’s juicer both have a cleaning brush, but Mofei’s does not bring any cleaning equipment, I think it may be because it is too easy to clean, and it is OK to rinse it with water after beating. All three models have an automatic cleaning function, and the measured results are OK.

Some people may have looked at the above configuration diagram and asked why not beat meat, do not beat eggs under the test, can I say that there is only one cup, how to beat the milkshake after beating? The previously purchased Haier baby processor has a total of 3 kinds of cups, each cup has a special corresponding function, including fruit, milled flour, and minced meat. I hope that in the future, Mofei can develop several more cups for this model.

I saw a small way to clean this high-speed juicer on the Internet, adding egg shells and water to the cup and turning on the cleaning function. At that time, you will find that even the blades are as clean as ever. New Skill ~get!

Fourth, the portability experience

First of all, let’s compare the size of the packaging box (the box of Huiren has been lost, which is about the same size as the beautiful one)

Carton size: (L*W*H)

Beauty: 26*21*48

Mofei: 24*17*24

Product size comparison: (length * width * height)

Beautiful: 30*25*40

Mofei: 13*13*35

Benefit: 30*25*40

From the data, we can know that our protagonist Morphy Richard MR-9200 original juicer is the smallest footprint, the fewest accessories, and you can make delicious food by making a random place. This is very practical for families with relatively small kitchens.

The weight of the next three products:

Midea: 3.3KG

Mofei: 1.5KG

Benefit: 6.5KG

Above the weight, it can be seen that Hui Ren belongs to a machine that does not move wherever it is placed, Mofei is a machine that runs around with it, and the beauty belongs to the kind of machine that cannot be moved and wants to move.

Well, the answer to the end of Part 3 is actually in the next part, read on!

It’s time for popular science. We have been talking about ergonomics XX in our lives, so what exactly is ergonomics?


, is born after the Second World War of a technology, in addition to our common styling design, ergonomics actually includes such as the position of buttons, the design of explanatory text and other aspects. In summary, in essence, the so-called ergonomics is essentially to make the use of tools as much as possible in the natural form of the human body, so that the person who can use the tool does not need any active adaptation physically and mentally when working, thereby minimizing the fatigue caused by the use of the tool.

——————-Excerpt from Baidu Encyclopedia

This cup is the core of this product and the biggest feature of this product. Because it is an ergonomic cup design, there are grooves and bumps suitable for handholding, the grip is more labor-saving and non-slip, comfortable and beautiful.

Remove the mixing components, screw on the lid, buckle the handle, and head out with the shake (juice)! (The answer to Part 3 is here)

Morphy Richard MR-9200 Juicer is designed for portability, lightweight and practical, making it your first choice for home shopping! (Advertisement fee given by the manufacturer)

After so many days of trial, briefly summarize the feeling in use, just give you a reference to choose the original juicer! (Is this called throwing bricks and attracting jade)

Let’s talk about the disadvantages first: First, there is no recipe introduction in the manual, and the recipe still needs to be found on the website, which is somewhat inconvenient;

Second, the product function is not equipped with special containers for beating meat, dry grinding, and eggs, and it is not too convenient.

Next are the advantages: first, portable, portable, portable;

Second, the ergonomic cup grip is indeed great;

Third, the production process is short.

Here are the buying suggestions: if you have a fast pace of life, then it is recommended that you buy the Morphy Richard MR-9200 original juice machine, because it can meet your requirements in a short time; If you have the time and energy to run your life, then it is recommended that you buy the Morphy Richard MR-9200 Juice Maker, because you can use the saved time to squeeze a glass of original juice with the Huiren Juicer!

I will bring more exciting unboxing and evaluation in the future, so stay tuned!

5. Ergonomic cup

6. Summary

: This juicer utilizes

In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about Factory direct supply 43mm clip leak-proof mousse foam pump accept custom color custom straw length hand washing bath cleansing, hope it can help you.

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