True vintage, soft and originating in Moutai, this wine satisfies all your beautiful imagination of baijiu

Recently, the high-end liquor circle quietly popular a sauce-fragrant liquor called Dashanbao, the main high-end customization, 8 years of cellaring, today just happened to be recommended by a friend, bought two boxes, come to taste first.

  The name Dashanbao sounds strange, but it is actually a place name on the bank of the Chishui River in Moutai Town, across the river from the famous Moutai Distillery, and is also the production area of Dashanbao sauce fragrant wine. Interestingly, the manufacturer also specially marked the map of Moutai Town on the outer packaging, and also emphasized the location of Dashan Fort with red dots.

  As we all know, there is a saying in the market that “Moutai has many towns, you need to be cautious when buying”, that is, many wineries are under the banner of Moutai Town, in fact, there is no half-dime relationship with Moutai Town. There are more than 2,000 distilleries in Renhuai City, but only 506 really have a full set of liquor qualifications, and Dashanbao Liquor is one of them, which was founded in 1983 and is an independent distillery in Moutai Town, with a history of nearly 40 years.

  Without further ado, unpack first.

  First of all, look at the packaging, Dashanbao 8-year sauce fragrant wine is not like most liquor on the market with red + gold packaging, but uses a dark blue box with a hot stamping LOGO, the bottle is white but shiny with a faint pearlescence, with a blue + hot stamping LOGO, it looks like a full sense of quality, with the packaging style of foreign wine. It is said that Dashanbao wine and Moutai Feitian are the same packaging manufacturer, and even the bottle holder in the box is the same as Moutai zodiac wine, no wonder it looks different.

  In addition, I also found that the packaging of Dashanbao wine clearly marked 8 vintage wine and brewing, sealing, bottling time, my bottle is brewed in September 2010, sealed in August 2011, bottled in June 2020, strictly speaking, this wine has been 10 years, the manufacturer on the packaging is conservative, this can only be seen on the packaging of foreign brands such as whisky, domestic distilleries have not seen such operations.

  After researching the outer packaging, I was looking forward to Dashanburg wine. It is said that sauce-fragrant liquor pays attention to first looking at the color, then smelling the aroma and finally tasting, and I will also taste it according to this step.

  Color: Generally speaking, new wine and miscellaneous wine are white and transparent, while aged wine is slightly yellow, and the older the sauce aroma type liquor, the more yellow and clear. Dashanbao 8 vintage sauce fragrant wine poured in the glass at first glance the wine body is clear, and the glass up 45 ° to the front of the eyes, you can see a slight amber color in the wine body, and there is an obvious hanging glass, the sliding speed is also relatively slow, it is said that the good sauce aroma liquor hanging glass is fast and slow, the better the hanging glass, the older the vintage, Dashanbao 8 vintage sauce fragrant wine and from this point of view, in line with the identity of 8-year wine.

  Smell: Dashanbao wine first smell the sauce is rich, there is a mixture of light soy sauce, mint, roasted sesame seeds, take a deep breath, you will feel that there is a bad aroma mixed with a little ripe rock sugar orange aroma, the overall feeling is sweet but not greasy, slightly sour, not nose, mellow and long.

  Taste: Just in the mouth, you will feel a little sweet, a little honey taste, feel a warm current from the lips and teeth, the tip of the tongue, the root of the tongue to the throat, stomach, in the body presents a clear warm path, the throat has no obvious alcohol stimulation, the stomach does not have a burning feeling, drink a little more, you will find that the spiciness and bitterness are significantly weakened, the sweetness of the sweetness and the fragrance of the fruit wood begin to stand out, and with the burnt aroma of the grain, there will be a sour taste, more durable.

  Personally, I feel that Dashanbao wine is relatively soft to drink, not as spicy as the general 53 degree liquor, not spicy, not uncomfortable to drink to the stomach, will not have the feeling of fever in the stomach, soft in the mouth, can not be drunk after drinking, is a liquor that can be drunk often.

  In general, Dashanbao, as a real 8-year sauce wine with a limited production area in Moutai Town, is currently priced at 680 yuan per bottle, which can be said to be the best choice for sauce fragrant wine below 1,000 yuan.

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