Can sweatpants also be mixed and matched for a sense of style? Learn autumn and winter dressing skills from Korean girls

Sporty pieces are arguably one of the most popular trends in recent years, from a variety of wave shoes to cycling pants, bra tops, etc., and can be mixed and matched with other styles of clothing. One of the most eye-catching sportswear items in autumn and winter is sweatpants! With a comfortable and convenient design and casual style, sweatpants have become a must-have item in the wardrobe of Korean girls in recent years, let’s learn their fashion dressing skills!

1. Sweaters

For Korean girls, the best partner for sweatpants is a knitted sweater! Choosing an oversize sweater with a jogger and a hat embellishment like a baseball cap or fisherman’s hat to create a gentle and approachable look that is very warm is definitely a must-have for autumn and winter!

2. Same-color set

The so-called must-have look for lazy people is to match a sweatshirt of the same color with sweatpants! Without any skills, simply going out with a complete set of sports suits has been a trend for Korean girls in recent years, and if you want to reduce the casual feeling of your look, you can add a long coat or trench coat to balance the overall style.

3. Outerwear

Another piece of sweatpants that can be mixed and matched is a loose coat! The look also focuses on a mix of pieces with different styles, such as Sven’s elegant cropped coat, which creates a playful and strong contrast with the effortless sweatpants, making the overall outfit even more special.

4. UGG boots

Heavy UGG boots are not only comfortable and warm, but also a hot fashion item in autumn and winter in recent years. For Korean girls, the combination of sweatpants and UGG boots can collide with cute feelings, and at the same time not lose the sense of casualness, which is worth referring to!









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