What is the experience of Volkswagen importing two “blue god cars” to “splash” in the snow?

At the beginning of the article, the commune jun must first say a belated “Happy New Year” to everyone! Suddenly, 2021 has passed in a hurry, have you achieved your goal at the beginning of the year? Is the flag up to date? A few days ago, Commune Jun was still sorting out the year’s planning and practice in front of the computer screen, and an invitation message broke the meditation, and a call codenamed “Blue Action” began; It is said that a mysterious female guest will go with the commune-kun, and she has RS7 and GT3RS at the same time, dare you imagine? Without further ado, let’s start this issue of “Beautiful Driving Day”!

At the beginning of the new year, what kind of brand charm is it that makes Commune Jun fly more than 2,000 kilometers to the beautiful forest and sea snowfield – Changbai Mountain? What kind of car will shine in this extremely cold environment? (Stop, stop!) Commune-kun, you are talking too officially, the old irons will not like to hear it)! To be honest, because of YQ, the commune jun has not gone out for a long time, and this opportunity must go, hahaha.

Before seeing the car, the commune jun was blindfolded, because the moment he just got off the plane, he made all kinds of preparations, after all, a southerner, when he heard minus 20 degrees, the number was enough to deter; Of course, Changbai Mountain did not disappoint the commune jun, as if from the “fresh-keeping area” to the “quick-freezing area”, but this was before seeing the car.

When Commune Jun settled in the hotel, the first time to go to the garage, see the new Touareg and the new Wei, the two R-blooded Phantom Blues assigned suddenly made Commune Jun forget the cold, although the two car Commune Jun had “encounters” before, but this similar experience of opening a blind box gave a good start to this “Beautiful Driving Day”; Seeing the new Touareg and the new NIO, some partners will definitely ask, to go to a tourist city like Changbaishan, is it more comfortable to SUV or crockpot? Let’s start exploring.

I have to say that the new Touareg, as the “big brother” in Volkswagen’s own brand of imported cars, many friends in the past will say that it is too calm, so did the blackened version make your eyes shine? Just this color matching commune jun is going to add points for this, thinking that I have to talk to everyone about configuration and motivation; The Touareg 3.0 TSI Recreation and Renzon Editions powered by V-shaped six-cylinder TSI petrol engines are powerful, with a maximum output of 340 hp and a peak torque of 450 Nm. But the data that Commune Jun thinks can be known as long as you go to the 4S store, so this time let’s talk directly about driving feelings.

The most impressive thing is the Torsen center differential and electronic limited slip function, as well as the control of the adaptive air suspension system, higher ground clearance and the expansion of the approach and departure angles, and the back and forth switching of the mode, so that the commune jun even forgot that he was speeding on the road full of ice and snow, so that he was “released” on the road with 20 cm of snow, and the teachers who accompanied him said that it was cool, but it was too smooth! This may be the charm of “Big Brother”, in any road conditions, you only need to move your fingers to switch modes, you can give you comprehensive peace of mind.

So when it comes to the new Weibao, everyone’s voice is still very high, although the four-wheel drive will not be introduced into China, but which crockpot fan can’t bear to love this shape? Maybe everyone is like the commune jun, when you see Wei Luo, you will think of linking with the city, but don’t forget that the person is a serious crockpot truck, the maximum capacity can be expanded to 1725 liters of trunk space, you don’t spend the whole winter camping, campfire cooking, snow coffee or something, isn’t it a pity?

This is not so much a “blue operation”, in the eyes of the commune jun, it is more like an “immersive driving day”, closed eyes can not escape the “visual crit” given by the panoramic sunroof, open a trace of windows, listen to the friction between tires and snow, measure every inch of the “skin” of the northern scenery, with awe of nature, listen to the washing from the Harman/Kardon sound, everything is like a fairy tale, yearning and intoxicating.

If you love travel, exploration, humanities, and the pursuit of a more refined lifestyle, there is no doubt that Volkswagen imported cars now understand you more and more, as for the questions that everyone wants to know, in the video, Mr. Zhang has answered them one by one, the next “Beautiful Driving Day” trip, where to go you have the final say!

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