Backward China Russia, US air-raised high supersonic missile encounters, multiple major technical defects

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▲ The US Air Force believes that there is a lot of technical defects in the current AGM-183A vacant high ultrasound missile (the image is from: Network)

With the more and more high ultrasound missiles in the United States, the United States has also worked in the research and development of the corresponding products in recent years. For example, the US Air Force has been developing high-speed ultrasonic speed missiles. It is one of the very representative products. However, from the current information disclosed in the United States, the US Air Force has disclosed that due to excessive technical defects, the currently developed AGM-183A airborne ultrasonic speed missile is a very typical technical failure product.


▲ The US Air Force develops AGM-183A airborne ultrasonic speed missiles to get stronger over-abundance in empty fight (image from: network)

The US Air Force has the world’s strongest air fighting force, which actually has a lot of performance-effective empty hitting ammunition. However, due to the end of the previous cold war, the development of the US Air Force on the first-air blowing of the ammunition is then slowed down, but with the continuous improvement of the world air defense anti-defense technology, even the US Air Force has JASSM. It is also possible to ensure effective breakthrough of anti-defense anti-guided networks, especially the “dagger” air shooting, which is a “dagger” air-to-high ultrasound magazine. Inner heart. Therefore, developing a high-speed ultrasonic speed missile with strong over-capacity, it has become a major equipment demand for the US Air Force.


▲ Schematic diagram of the performance of the AGM-183A vacant high ultrasound missile (picture from: Network)

The AGM-183A airborne missile developed by the United States Rockheed Martin, is a product that should be born with this demand. The AGM-183A air-raised high ultrasonic speed missile uses “booster-gliding” principle, and the inside of the inside of the warhead is equipped with an ignorant of 68 kg of heavy-to-heavy-feasible cracking and near-fried. Multiplier high ultrasound veneers, and use the guidance system of “inertial guidance + GPS satellite guidance” to ensure high precision of the target, at the same time, the missiles themselves use solid fuel rocket engines, the maximum flight speed is 10 Mach The above, and the maximum range can reach a level greater than 926 kilometers, and because the non-powered pool high ultrasound veneer used, it is a high ultrasound speed flying in the approach to the space. Therefore, it has a pole. Strong metamorphic motor protection.

▲ Can be moved in the plane to space in the plane is a highlight of the AGM-183A air shooting high (the picture comes from: Network)

However, from the paper surface, the AGM-183A air is empty, which is actually in recent times in recent times, but there are various technical failures, resulting in a few times of testing. Failure break. Therefore, the US Air Force that has been continued to invest in huge amount of money is of course not satisfied, thereby, the relevant spokesperson will have a high-tech magazine in the near future, currently developed the AGM-183A airborne high ultrasound missile. It is itself a unreliable failure product.

▲ For the current AGM-183A airborne high ultrasound speed, you still need more time to improve its technical reliability (the picture is from: Network)


The AGM-183A air-raised ultrasound speed missiles currently have such a defect in such a defect, in fact, with the United States have not developed very much in the field of high ultrasound speed missiles. After all, although the United States is the first country in the world, it has developed high-speed missiles, but in particular many important technology technologies, and the loss of relevant technicians, the United States actually decreases sharply behind high ultrasound missile. Russia and other countries. In this way, the US Air Force also wants to have an urgent experience in which a high-speed ultrasonic missile will inevitably lead to the technical defects of various product itself due to the highlights of the technical fault, so far AGM-183A airborne ultrasonic speed missiles appear. So many technically insufficient, there is no discretion.

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