Yao Chen is also too good at wearing! The gray coat with striped sweater is elegant and elegant, and the fashion is more international

If girls want to be advanced, when choosing clothing, in addition to using high-end colors, they also need to use classic fits. As a fashion goddess, Yao Chen often chooses classic clothes that show the atmosphere, and now wears a gray jacket with a striped sweater when walking at the airport, which is simple and down-to-earth, and is equipped with a black hat, which is more age-reducing charm.

First, the classic coat shows maturity and temperament

When choosing a coat, because it is necessary to highlight the high-end and classic temperament, it will be more appropriate to choose a classic style, and the classic clothing can be worn for a long time, and different styles of inner clothing are skillfully combined to form a fashionable and simple design charm.

A gray coat will not wear how brilliant the effect, but its sense of high-end is also incomparable with other colors, Yao Chen in the matching of this type of clothing, the inside uses a simple inner layer, in order to improve the visual monotony brought by pure gray clothing, so she uses black and white stripe elements inside, such a design style is also the style that everyday people often choose when matching clothing.

If the jacket chooses a relatively simple and monotonous design, then do not choose too simple tones when choosing the underwear, it may be more plain because the color is too simple, and the appropriate integration of classic atmospheric colors will become fashionable and grounded.

When matching gray clothing, girls can highlight the sense of luxury through accessories, or use heavy jewelry, necklaces, or add brooches or other personality elements to the clothing. Yao Chen added a broken flower brooch design on the chest, which can simply highlight the classic and atmospheric beauty, and when matching this kind of clothing, Yao Chen directly wore a black knitted hat on his head, making it a classic style of warmth and age-reduction.

If you want to create warmth and aura, you can choose a darker jacket that is slightly looser, so that even if you match the lighter and thicker underwear inside, it will not cause fat defects. At this time, Yao Chen chose a white sweatshirt with an age-reducing print inside, and the lower body was matched with black pants, which had a girlish temperament and the beauty of fresh wear.

In fact, when matching this type of clothing, girls must use clever layering designs, or they can incorporate small lace or lace elements at the neckline, or they can match fisherman hats with age-reducing styles.

Many times when female stars choose a tweed jacket, they often reflect a sense of aura and seniority, then you can choose the design of a smaller one, like Yao Chen directly choose white plain inside, ordinary turtleneck sweaters with cropped pants show a three-dimensional and slender figure, can also show a particularly tall state, with this type of clothing girls can choose a more slim texture jacket.

The small tweed coat with a classic and aura-like underwear will create a high-end goddess temperament, which is more atmospheric, very suitable for slightly formal occasions, and more in line with women of mature age. Yao Chen chose a V-neck simple top, through a design similar to a suit, retaining the simple atmosphere of solid color clothing, but also bringing the handsomeness and formality that suit clothing should have, Yao Chen chose a dark jacket outside, with a simple small bag, overflowing with a classic and atmospheric effect.

Leather clothing has always been a piece that many stars like and often choose, such clothing will show a super high-end and handsome style through the texture and reflectivity of leather fabrics, but girls who often wear leather clothing know that when choosing black clothing, it is necessary to highlight the handsome and cool beauty, so the whole set should choose dark colors. At this time, if you want to make the goddess feel stronger, you can choose a contrasting trench coat style like Yao Chen.

Second, the thermal down jacket can also be simple and fashionable

In the cold winter, especially in the northern region of our country, girls will inevitably choose down jackets when they go out, at this time many down jackets are biased towards thick shape, there will be the texture of bread clothing, in the matching of such clothing, girls can reflect the sense of classicity and seniority through simple inner clothing.

Light gray clothing will have fat defects from the color, girls should use simple dark colors when matching this type of clothing, just like Yao Chen choose a black crewneck sweater, with slightly lighter sweatpants or sweatpants, it will bring a youthful and fashionable effect.

Compared with the extra-long down jacket, the regular version of the down jacket is less selective, and small girls can easily control it, and such clothing is very versatile. Yao Chen chose a white sweater with a slight loose white undertone, and matched the lower body with slightly flared jeans, showing off a very simple design style, and also bringing a particularly slender leg line. Paired with an orange baseball cap, it can not only bring a fashionable age-reducing effect, but also disguise the problem of oily hair.

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