Zhang Zhen appeared at the airport, wearing a leopard-print cotton vest and harem pants, losing 20 pounds for the new character

Recently, Zhang Zhen appeared at the airport, wearing a leopard-print cotton vest and Harlan pants, with a unique and eye-catching shape. His figure looks a lot thinner than before, his face has also changed greatly, although he is fashionable, but the whole person looks very vicissitudes.

Zhang Zhen is wearing a black bottom with a leopard print vest, and the lower body is wearing dark green loose Harlan pants, although the whole outfit is relatively loose and casual, but you can still see the thinness of the figure, in order to keep warm, Zhang Zhen wears a hat around a thick neck cover, his face is haggard, and he looks very distressed.

Leopard print is generally a single style that women prefer, rarely seen men wear, but Zhang Zhen chose a unique leopard print cotton vest this time, which is very fashionable. The classic leopard print style clothing is very fashionable and high-end, after wearing it is very aura, in the cold autumn and winter, wearing a yellow leopard print clothing will increase some warmth, so that the whole person looks warmer. There is also a dark blue patchwork bag design on top of the vest, which makes the whole dress look less monotonous.

When choosing such a fashionable piece, you must be careful in dressing and matching, and the color should appear harmonious. Zhang Zhen’s outfit is more daily, so choose a simple bottom, no need for extra embellishments, with a black knitted sweater will look different, black sweater can also highlight the charm of mature men, very versatile and suitable.

Just like the bottom, a pair of well-fitting trousers paired with a leopard print vest can also grab someone’s eye at once. Zhang Zhen chose a dark green Harlan pants, the loose style makes the whole body look more casual, because the leopard print pattern has appeared scattered and complex, so a simple solid color Harlan pants is also a good choice, adding a sense of competence and handsomeness to the whole body. Zhang Zhen’s upper body is relatively thick and bloated, and the lower body with loose pants can play a good transitional role, if you choose tight pants, it will look incongruous.

Zhang Zhen matched a pair of black casual shoes on his feet, the simple style made the whole body look lighter, and he also wore a pair of black socks on his feet, which could be warmer. It can be seen that although Zhang Zhen’s entire outfit is relatively loose, he still can’t hide his thin figure, and his exposed ankles are thinner than his wrists, which is really distressing.

In order to keep warm, Zhang Zhen put his hands in his pocket all the way and wrapped them tightly. A thick neck sleeve around his neck looks warm and comfortable, and a knitted wire cap is worn on his head, which is very fashionable. Zhang Zhen’s face is also very different from before, without a handsome beard, his face is very thin and vicissitudes, he looks much older, and lacks the charm of the past.

A few days ago, Zhang Zhen attended an event, wearing a white shirt with a bow tie, a black suit decorated with style, wearing a pair of brown sunglasses and a black wide-brimmed hat, looking more stylish and handsome. However, his face was really too thin to look at, and both sides of his cheeks were sunken, because his face was too thin and flesh, and the skin on his face looked a little loose. Seriousness is his usual style, but now he doesn’t look so handsome and stylish.

It is reported that Zhang Zhen lost 20 pounds because he took on a new drama for a new role, and this professionalism really makes us admire. However, Zhang Zhen’s current appearance is really too vicissitudes, and I hope that after he finishes his role, he can return to his original handsome appearance.

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