Italian Bonaldo single sofa collection, enjoy the delicate Italian living art

Italian Bonaldo furniture, simple and elegant, showing the delicate Italian art de vivre.


With a simple and fashionable Italian design style known all over the world, it has been following the concept of artistic life, combining modern design and technology to beautify every corner of the home.

In 1936, founder Giovanni Vittorio Bonaldo began to study furniture hardware, using foldable design inspiration into design and production, successfully turning it into a necessity of modern life, which amazes everyone who first sees it.

Participated in the Milan Furniture Fair for the first time and became prominent. In 1980, the style of deformable upholstered furniture was created. The company produced a completely new concept of sofa bed as a member of furniture, not limited to emergency functions to solve emergencies. In 1996, the side chair of the folding chair designed by Chiaramonte and Marin won the Youth Design Award.

In 2004, the Pierrot sofa designed by Glenn Thomas won the Good Design Award at the Chicago Athenaeum Museum.

In 2008, the Poly chair designed by Karim Rashid won the Best Design Award 2007, the Good Design Award in 2008 and the Red Dot Award in 2008. In 2010, Big Table was recognized as Bonaldo’s international icon.

In 2011, the 6,000-square-meter exhibition hall designed by Mauro Lipparini was inaugurated, and the design of this exhibition hall won the 10th Good Design Award.

Bonaldo single sofa appreciation

Bonaldo is known worldwide for its unique creativity and design, and its artistic shapes are pleasing to the eye, reflecting the traditional Italian architecture and culture. It not only follows the usual modern and simple style, but also adds Chinese elements, the lines are simple but full of harmonious beauty, which is simply worthy of showmanship.

Bonaldo’s unique design style and brand charm, whether in the field of fashion or the home, can bring more self-expression to those who love it. Never conformist, as an innovator and trailblazer, its designs continue to stun the world.

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