Investigation | “Break the collapse” controversy, who still loves “top flow” Ling Naibei?


“It’s not the top flow, the forked waist is also hot, and there is no long teeth.”

This circle carnival is swepting more and more fans and passers-by, everyone is brushing screens by this pink small fox. Since September 29, 202, appeared in Shanghai Disney, which only had a plush fox of more than two months, and lived in hot.

Only one month, “hot search harvesting machine” Ling Naibei has already won 32 hot search, with 15,000 posts in his superphones, 119,000 fans “Bea Ma Ma”. On the shake, the playback volume of Ling Naibier has broken by 1.65 billion times.

Everything related to her has become a new “wealth password” “traffic password”

The shelves are quickly sold out, Zhao Lui and other stars have taken the photo with Lingna Bay, the original price of more than 200 dolls have been fry to 1,000 in the yellow cattle. It is still not necessary to purchase 4 to 7 hours. Another store has developed “Ling Naibei’s eternal life” that is not officially authorized, and it has been fried by the yellow cattle to more than 1,000. A platform price of 10 yuan is broken 100,000 +. Related videos relaxed in small red books, a large number of beauty Kol launches “Ling Na Bi Biece Improvement”, a large number of marketing number is transformed into its video, the expression package is moving, some people are harassed, there is “shaking the main “Ask for wedding Ling Naibier on the spot to drain the heat.

The latest hot search “Ling Na Ber” Discussion, and further derived hot search topics, there is any dolls to play actors (liner), whether the actor’s monthly salary is reasonable.

Will this event become the key turning point of IP by Sheng Far? Is the fan thus abandoned this “Disney Net”?

We chatted with plenty of different ages, I want to find the secrets of Beibei to make it so.

The myth of the short video era, “no head” fans

“I want to say a few words to you, you don’t have to do anything, thank you all the time to accompany us in the fairytale world, there are many babe mothers in our group, and many people are hospitalized or postgraduated. Look at your videon every day, get energy from you, I hope you know, love will always be more malicious, eat enough to sleep every day, thank you for your baby, I will fight for the next time I don’t cry. “

When I saw Ling Na Ber, Xiao Hong Book User “Genie” did not hold back tears, with the crying cavity finished this. This is the second note released since she registered account, and praised 8050. There are a lot of people crying with her in the comment.

This is the mainstream emotion of the core fans, the heartache is uncomfortable, refuses to be under the love of Beibei. They call her “daughter” “崽 崽”, custom clothes for dolls.

From the perspective of communication, the more “abuse”, the more it will strengthen the identity of the internally in the fan group, and the cohesiveness of the subcultural circle is enhanced, and the circle is more difficult to understand this emotion.

In the survey,

调查 |“下头塌房”争议中,谁依然爱着“顶流”玲娜贝儿?

Basically all fans have mentioned “healing” and “decompression”

. After 95, the TV station edited Nana. After the tired overtime every day, lying on the bed brushing the photo of the baby is the happiest time in the day. Let her into the pit is Beiber “to imitate the small squirrel walk, and to visit the tourists, there are several videos of the skirt,”

Character is quite proud of being lively, the image is very cute, it will spoil.

I like to be a nail, I don’t like being called ‘children’, I will cover my ear pretend to put on the headset. “The peach that is just working, I think the business video of Beer” can let my own vitality to go to work “, said:” I never like this cartoon image before, I feel that this little fox has a soul, feel Very different. “

From its fans microblogging group, WeChat group, aged ditch is more obvious, most of them are dominated by Z generation

Male “passers-by powder”, the male “passers-by powder”, but with the shooting, but also fly to Shanghai Disney to see Ling Naiber

Major fans are women

It is similar to the structure of the chasing stars, which is determined by psychological characteristics, emotional needs.

Ling Nabier is more like Ze Generation young women, and it is also the myth of the short video era of fragmentation. The main position of its rise is also a young female user.

But peach and continued to send Baier related pictures, videos on Weibo, and therefore, Jojo, which has accumulated thousands of powders, believes: “

The Beller fan group and the real rice are still different, but after the dispute comes out, many people habitually use the rice relief to interpret

调查 |“下头塌房”争议中,谁依然爱着“顶流”玲娜贝儿?

Most of the fans is still lov & peace brush map, and the control reviews are rare. “There are three players in Ling Na Ber, and there is a fan of different codes to them. Some people will distinguish” liner “.

More fans will emphasize not to distinguish “liner”, think that “is not good for actors or IP.”

Out of 00 after the University, I can mention it.

Some people have climbed the wall from Stars to “Chuansha”, which may be more cute with the appearance, “people set” is more distinct, and the character is more exciting.

In addition, she also mentioned a little, “there are many people who like Beibei around.

Most people are dynamically entered into the pit because of the lovely short video, not because static pictures.

For the “head” event,

Fans have expressed different degrees of understanding of tourists and Ling Naiba:

“I have seen a few video on the Internet, I will feel very suffocated.” But “more time Beller is still in business,

Will not be completely disappointed because one or two videos are completely disappointed.

“Understanding tourists have emotions, after all, now the interaction of Bei Bei is several hours.” The whole network is not necessary, but also understand the actor, not only the body is very tired, but also always tightly listening to the tourist interaction. That expression may just want to express my emotions of Beibei. After all, she is only two years old little foxes, which will throw their hearts, step on the movement of the ground, showing naughty. “

There are also 90s who can’t afford to Lingna Bab.

The boat is a senior version of the phenagette, and only Taobao platform has been purchased more than 5,000 yuan in Dafu towel, sheets, cups and other related surroundings. This is not counted in the Disney offline. . In her opinion, Lingna Baber “Tai Net is red”, Dafu is a “honest cute”. The Media People Liu Yun said: “From the image, do Belle is not the closest green tea definition?”

No content driven virtual IP era comes: Meng Economic Victory

When the opening of the Universal Studios opened, “Wei Zhenti” specially specialized in the “痨 痨” “系” is on the social network. Disney immediately launched a new member of the Dafe family, Ling Na, as confrontation. so far,

Ling Naiber and Disney have obviously win a game.

In the De Shi Kingdom, the Dafu family is a special existence.

In 2002, Orlando Dishini exclusively released the plush toy named Disney Bear in the store. A few years later, Tokyo Disney gave the bears name “Dife”, and simple story and people, it is Minnie to give Mickey a doll bear, in order to let Mickey’s navigation travel is not alone, the wonderful fairy is on the doll Lower Miamous Star Powder, Dafi has life, and the character is really sweet.

Since then, IP business value has soared, and the sales volume of Dafu-Philipphi related products has been doubled, and the per capita consumption of Tokyo Disney Resort is pulled.

In 2010, in 2014, 2017, Tokyo Disney has also launched “Faite’s good friends” Snow Li Mei, Jera Doni and Star Du, 2018, puppy Can Qi’an and Turtle Almi Pulling appears, 2021, Lingna Beiber joined. Their people are generous sweet bear, generous painter cat, love dancing rabbit, a curiosity puppy can Qi’an, love music natural turtle, bright pink fox. The Dafield family was successfully retired to Shanghai Disney in Tokyo. The Dafu family has a “grab the money family”, and the highest popularity is the star 黛 before, this year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is limited to 2,000 yuan.

Dafi, Star Jeru, the victory of Lingna Bay, is the victory of “Meng Culture” “Meng Economic”

Similar to the role IP, which is supported, as well as San Len Hello Kitty, Melody (Melody Rabbit), Cinnamoroll, Kuromi (Kulomi), and more. As the second earning IP of the world, Hello Kitty has a total income of more than $ 80 billion; the reasons whose parking is deeply placed in East Asian culture, Japan and South Korea cultures have been submerged in China in recent years. Japanese market Cute image success logic can basically be replicated in the Chinese market. Therefore, it may explain that Dafu is in East Asia instead of European and American bursts, and the Sanli Gull Asian market revenue is almost twice that of all overseas markets.

调查 |“下头塌房”争议中,谁依然爱着“顶流”玲娜贝儿?

This year’s virtual idol stands on the wind,

This type of “no content-driven virtual IP” shows greater advantages:

Compared to the political risks, morality, no dedication, etc., the probability of turning the chance, the “Ling Na Ber’s incident” is that the basic risk is only in the operational risks of players. in addition,

No film and television products mean no need to wait for a long production cycle, the development cost is smaller, and the return on investment is higher.

调查 |“下头塌房”争议中,谁依然爱着“顶流”玲娜贝儿?

The 2021 FYRSFRURES shows that the Disneyland, experience and product business express is bright, revenue is $ 545 billion, the same period of $ 2.733 million, an increase of 99% year-on-year. Ling Nabier’s continued firefighters will boost the Disneyland performance.

What I need to worry is that how long does Lingna Bay have?

“Double-standard event” is not enough to fatality, but it is enough to ring the alarm for the Ling Nabier. It is not attached to the user’s emotional viscosity, but only by “color” “net red” play, it may be necessary to worry about IP life cycle.

Due to the obstacles, consumption is willing, San Len has subjected to fall in six consecutive years.

调查 |“下头塌房”争议中,谁依然爱着“顶流”玲娜贝儿?

A possible approach is to shoot a film and television story after the IP role burst.

In addition, “actor monthly salary 6000” also has aroused extensive disputes. According to the “front connection” reported in “and Lingna Bayer as a colleague”, in Shanghai Disney, a doll actor like Lingna Beibei is the highest salary in the first-line employee, a monthly salary of about 6,000 yuan. A female actor is nearly 70% of women heights, but at the same time, the people they have to wear will have more than 15 pounds, many people have spine, knee strain injuries. However, employees have a high happiness, even after retaliating, they will believe that “to protect the magic”.

The contrast is,

Similar virtual IP – NBA mascots, its player salary is divided into three grades according to popularity, team commercialization.

Each team will specifically set up a mascot drainage conference, the highest level of treatment is a lifelong contract, the mascot of the Warriors, Sand, the fire team of the Raptors signed a lifelong contract, the latter three times elected NBA best mascot The second grade mascot annual salary basically exceeds $ 100,000, according to the calculation of weekly income data disclosed in the US Department of Labor, probably two times the average income of non-agricultural employment populations. The third level of mascot annual salary is about $ 50,000.

“If you see her in Disneyland, you will be able to say thank you, hard work.” Nana said. In any case, the virtual IP era will not stop. The loneliness of the contemporary needs, there is always a new boutique to born in the help of the hand of the capital. Who will be the next red Ling Naibier?

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