Down pants are warmer and the “pants” are very stylish

When winter comes, people become lazy, but thanks to the winter wind, their minds are unusually clear, and they huddle at home and listen to the albums of the pure Greek female voice Sevena Yanatu, just like going to the mysterious ice country, giving wings to the imagination. Porridge is boiled around the stove, coffee is brewed, and the warm atmosphere is all over the house. Thanks to a pair of down pants and a thick cotton coat, you can enjoy the whole day.

Printed pattern, front and back paneled down trousers

01 High heels, gorgeous clothes and exquisite handbags, women’s wardrobe essentials, high-waist single-sided down pants, ethnic denim, patchwork print, thin and fleece cotton pants. The three-dimensional slim fit follows the trend and keeps warm, and the big brand style is easy to wear.

Rabbit hair stud beaded slim down pants

02 Pink is the easiest to create femininity, and it is very skin-friendly, instantly reducing age. It is also full of romance and brightness like the peach blossoms that bloom in spring, so don’t miss it if you want to improve your peach blossom luck. The rabbit fur trim in the trouser pocket and the delicate beads on the sides elevate the class.

Thickened slim down pants

03 The buttock-lift design and elasticated waist perfectly shape the sexy curves, so you can also show off your beautiful body in winter. Lined with top-quality white duck down, it’s lightweight and warm, helping you survive the winter comfortably. Fashionable and attractive, blue controllers start decisively.

High-rise, thick down pants

04 Presumably, many people were first attracted to the shape of the waist, right? The high-rise design effectively shapes and looks slim, and it subtly wears the curvaceous figure. The diamond check shows the aristocratic style and promotes high-end taste. The panels on both sides make the legs more slender, the narrow feet are designed to protect against wind and cold, and they are also very stylish to wear with boots.

Fleece high-waisted harem pants

05 The superb printing and dyeing process creates a microwave pattern like a river, hence the name “Nile Blue”, which is a very romantic and eye-catching hue. The characteristic large pocket artistically widens the hip circumference visually and makes the body shape beautiful. The slim fit accentuates the slenderness of the legs.

Detachable inner sleeve micro-flared down pants

06 If you want a pair of pants that are thick and warm in winter and light and cool in summer, then you can decisively buy this removable inner sleeve. The micro-flared shape effectively hides the flesh of the legs, and is full of formality, which is especially suitable for commuting clothing.

Thickened PU lint down pants

07 is still the main hit of this year, high-waist design concept, hip protection, comfortable to wear, more warm, with the pace of winter, high-waist cotton pants are enough to resist the cold wind of winter, and can care for the most beautiful you in winter!

Lace-paneled chunky down pants

08 The ringed lace panels on the thighs and calves are beautiful and distinctive, and can define the shape of the legs. The front and back splices are unique and surprising from all angles. The waist is also designed to be particularly slim and fitted, and the shiny fabric brings a first-class texture and highlights the charm of the big name.

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