DIY handmade soap method, rose handmade soap making method

If you just want to make a few pieces at home


Soap for their own use or to give to friends, so you don’t need to purchase electronic scales, silicone spatulas, heat-resistant cups, soap molds and other professional tools. The handmade soap method introduced today is particularly simple, the measurement is also casual to match, for professional soap people despise the soap base can also be used, coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil buy a bunch of really can’t use up. It’s better to go to the supermarket and pick up a piece of soap to give money directly, which is quick and convenient.

Since it is a rose handmade soap, then it is definitely necessary to add a little


Flap in. The withered roses after Valentine’s Day are preserved to make dried flowers, which can come in handy at this time. Let’s take a look at how rose handmade soap is made:

Ingredients: soap base 50g, rose essential oil, food coloring, dried rose, stir bar

1: Cut the soap base into small pieces first and put it in a stainless steel cup.

2: Heat in a pot with an appropriate amount of water, stir slowly until the soap base dissolves into liquid.

3: Put a few drops of pigment in the dissolved soap base to bring out your favorite color, then drop rose essential oil, usually 2 drops of 50g soap base are enough.

4. Sprinkle rose petals in the soap base, stir well and pour into a small crisper box.

Tips: Sodium hydroxide can cause high temperatures when exposed to water, and can also “bite hands”, so you must wear rubber gloves, preferably masks, and must use stainless steel containers. Soap bases are sold in portions

Handmade soap

You can buy it in stores, and you can find food coloring in the wholesale market.

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