In the sweltering summer, how can you lack a solid color dress

Wearing enough dull cold colors, do you want to change the style of dressing in different colors this year, in fact, the editor tells you that the solid color dress is really the biggest selling style in this year’s skirt, simple pure color, no dazzling contrast, no gorgeous contrast, simple and neat cut, a single color, it can set off a person’s elegant temperament. Make it easy for you to be in the limelight.

NO.1 Light blue dress

Light blue always gives people the feeling of freshness and beautiful comfort. It reminds us of blue sea, blue sky, summer. It will make you feel good even on a dull summer day. Looking at this year’s fashion circle, you will find that this year is really popular light blue clothes, shirts, skirts, there are more light blue to show your eyes, making you want to take them home.

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Flower clothes Sky City Original elegant lady slim temperament doll collar organza dress spring new style

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This fairy dress, with its patchwork design, seems to bring a veil of elegance and mystery. The sheer cuff design perfectly modifies the slender line of the arm and the double-layer skirt design, which makes the long skirt more flexible and flowy.

Aozhi Guo elegant and fresh brocade jacquard soft sky blue round neck sleeveless A-shaped dress

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The jacquard dress that delicate women missed, sleeveless design, full of feminine sophistication. The delicate double-sided jacquard design and the excellent waist-cinched shape design at the waist all show the graceful and beautiful body of women.

2016 Summer New Sister High waist cotton linen small fresh blue striped shirt dress skirt mid-skirt A-line skirt

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The style that the college girls absolutely like, the simple small standing collar, shows the fashion and ability of girls. The three-point cuff design makes it easy to define the slender wrist. The knee-length skirt design makes it easy for girls to wear enviable chopstick legs even when wearing flat shoes.

MASHY/Tomoto Shien/Homemade Summer 2016 New Chizuru high-waisted seven-sleeved dress woman

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If you are also a flower controller, then you must not miss this one. The fresh and elegant color matching and wrinkled neckline design exude a rich literary and artistic small fresh style. The folded design of the waist skirt will never have any bloated feeling, and the upper body shows the beautiful waist.

NO.2 White dress

I believe that every cutie’s wardrobe will be stocked with several white items, whether it is a shirt, a T-shirt, or a dress. Many people know that white symbolizes purity and nobility, and when white is applied to dresses, the whole will look more simple and capable, and it simply has an irresistible charm.

ZK suspender panels fake two chiffon princess dress women’s short sleeves cinched waist to show slimming 2016 summer new womenswear

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Whether you’re an academic or a professional professional, you can’t help but be attracted to the style. The simple fit design, pure white, and the pleated skirt with a cinched waist show the fashion style of big brands without losing the simple and atmospheric dressing style of women.

Rubin 2016 European station summer new short skirt slim slim short sleeve skirt A-line dress summer women’s thin

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This paneled style features a sheer collar that accentuates the sexy and flattering curves of the collarbone. The body is pure white, with a romantic style. The overall loose fit design and the sense of zero-pressure matching are simply the hearts of the girls.

Flower Dress Original summer sexy slanted shoulder slip dress white wisp lace slip dress new

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This beautiful dress of the romantic and beautiful dress, fresh and elegant white, lace flowers are full of little girls’ feelings. The ruffled cuffs are designed with sheer cuffs, which are sweet and attractive without losing their sexy charm. The silhouette with a nipped-in waist extends into a large skirt that exudes a glamorous temperament.

S family original 2016 summer new European station street loose handsome contrast shirt dress bf female trend

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The shirt-style dress, the design of small lapels, the smart and fashionable while perfectly decorating the attractive curves of the face, the loose fit design, but the super thin style. In the current sports style, you can also wear it with a pair of fashionable little white shoes or small dirty shoes, which can easily wear a fashionable street style.

NO.3 Pink dress

Pink dresses have always been a favorite of beautiful eyebrows. Whether you are now an eighteen-year-old cute girl or a twenty-eight-year-old fashionable hot mother, it is a princess complex that you will always have in your heart, and on this hot summer day, the opportunity to wear a beautiful dress has arrived, which is a great opportunity to make you younger and more fashionable. Don’t miss it.

Rui’er original women’s clothing 2016 summer trendy high-end pink short skirt European and American vest slim sleeveless chiffon dress

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This style design with a strong ethnic style, the embroidery design of the gold thread on the neckline, shows the classic and delicate quality. Perfect texture of the bodice, smooth cut, very design. Whether you’re wearing high heels or flats, you can bring out a sense of understated luxury.

Luge women’s summer dress 2016 new trend dress mid-length spring/summer sleeveless skirt A-line skirt slim fit

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The contrasting stripe design is more classic and natural, needless to say, the jumpy stripe design is enough to make you the most recognizable one in the crowd. The slim fit design of the waist is cinched and the waist shows off your beautiful and tall figure.

Daixi homemade human poisoning movie vintage pink A-line pearl button dress

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A cute one that easily helps you reduce your age and sells cute, the neckline design of the doll model makes it not a problem to return to the age of 18. The loose ruffles allow you to wear any size girl. This kind of fit design is easier for petite girls to show a petite figure, and for slightly fat girls can easily have a small fresh style.

Yu Xiaoxiao bequeenstory light luxury celebrity pink bell sleeve binding beaded flower Thai fashion dress women’s summer

This princess dress with ruffled cuffs, simple small round neck design, cool and comfortable and full of girl’s sweet and playful, ruffled oversized cuff design, not only looks fresh and romantic, but also can easily help you cover the little secret on your arm.

NO.4 Mint green dress

The fresh and elegant mint green is the most unique small fresh literary style among many color systems. It has the clarity and purity of blue and the refreshing and pleasant color of green. Its moderate color system, green refreshing, green intoxicating, with it summer becomes refreshing, lovers of its crushes must not miss the following dresses.

TFNC2016 summer women’s new Korean version small fresh mint green lace dress sweet slim fit mid-sleeve short skirt

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The mint green color is already exciting for you, and the lace sheer design gives the girls more reasons to be excited. The cutout of the arms complements the design of the skirt. The whole makes people have a sexy and sweet feeling of girls.

Daxi homemade heavy light mint green (three ways to wear) raindrop full embroidery vintage spring/summer dress

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This dress in chiffon fabric, fresh and bright mint green, makes the whole dress instantly feel both a little fresh and a little rustic. The ruffles on the shoulders accentuate fair skin while the fashion index continues to rise.

Huiou Asia Summer 2016 new organza dress slim fit beaded pressed pleated Korean version short-sleeved women’s skirt mid-length

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Fresh and romantic colors make hot summer days instantly have a fresh feeling. The U-shaped neckline accentuates the sexy and attractive curve of the collarbone. The hollow skirt design of the body vaguely reveals sexy and fair skin.

Jasmine and Fusu original “Eternal Maiden” mint green cotton linen delicate embroidered dress forest series

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How can a girl in the Japanese system lack one,

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