2022 Taiyuan Whole House Custom Home and Door and Window Industry Expo invitation

More than 500 enterprises in the field of building materials and home furnishing participated in the event

Nearly 40,000㎡ exhibition area

Over 80,000 professional buyers nationwide…

March 04 – March 06, 2022

Taiyuan Jinyang Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center

Shanxi Home Building Materials Exhibition & Exhibition

China Taiyuan whole house custom home and door and window industry expo

Meet you!

Exhibition introduction

▲ Taiyuan Jinyang Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center

2022 Shanxi Home Building Materials Exhibition and China Taiyuan Whole House Custom Home and Doors and Windows Industry Expo will be held on March 04-06, 2022 in Taiyuan Jinyang Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center (formerly Taiyuan Coal Trading Center), the exhibition is jointly organized by Heli Chuangzhan Exhibition Group, Henan Door and Window Industry Association, Henan Zhongzhan Power Exhibition Co., Ltd., Henan Zhongli Exhibition and Display Co., Ltd., 798 Home Procurement Network, Taiyuan Zhuoxin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Professional B2B trade exhibition covering the entire home industry chain.

In recent years, the implementation of the national central rise strategy and the western development strategy has provided a good opportunity for the transformation and leapfrog development of Shanxi Province, especially the provincial capital city of Taiyuan, with the continuous expansion of the urban framework, the pace of consumption structure upgrading accelerated, the consumption power and market share contain huge potential, and the home building materials market presents a good development trend.

2022 Shanxi Home Building Materials Exhibition, will be held concurrently with the 16th China (Shanxi) Building Decoration Materials Expo in 2022, strong combination, bringing together the upstream and downstream industrial chain of building materials and home furnishing industry, with an exhibition area of 40,000 square meters, nearly 500 enterprises in the field of building materials to participate, the exhibition organizing committee also invited dealers, agents, designers, decoration companies, real estate development companies and other professional procurement personnel in the field of home building materials in the five northwest provinces to negotiate, and it is expected that the professional visitors will reach 80,000 people during the exhibition.

Relying on years of experience in organizing home building materials exhibitions, the organizer strives to build a professional brand of “Shanxi Home Building Materials Exhibition” with more keen market insight and industry cohesion, aiming to become a leading benchmark in the field of home building materials in the central and western regions and promote the innovation and development of the home building materials industry. It is committed to building a high-quality trade cooperation platform for brand communication, channel development and resource docking for the majority of home building materials enterprises, providing one-stop solutions for the industry, sharing commercial value, vigorously promoting the development of China’s central and western home building materials industry, enhancing the ability of enterprise integration and innovation, and quickly establishing a sustainable development ecosystem for home furnishing industry trade exhibitions in central and western China.

Exhibition highlights


Integration and innovation lead the industry

Adhering to the mission of leading the innovation and development of the industry, the exhibition will integrate the resources of wooden doors, sliding doors, metal doors, customized homes, smart homes, home production equipment and other resources in the field of home building materials, and bring a worthwhile exhibition journey to the whole industry with leading industry development concepts and advanced exhibition operation modes.


Massive resources and precise invitations

The organizer has been deeply engaged in the home furnishing industry for many years, accumulated massive audience resources and accurate dealer data, and reached cooperation with many high-end home furnishing stores such as Red Star and Easyland to provide accurate business matching services for exhibitors and dealers. And for the home building materials industry in Shanxi, Henan, Shaanxi and other industries, personalized invitations for professional visitors are carried out, and the terminal needs of county-level and township markets are deeply explored.


Free coach to visit the exhibition without worry

The exhibition practices the purpose of “finding sellers for buyers, finding buyers for sellers”, and will organize hundreds of buses to take Taiyuan as the center and provide free shuttle service within a radius of 500 kilometers to ensure that a sufficient number of professional buyers and dealers visit the exhibition site to visit and purchase, and minimize the cost of visitors.


Dual-line mode empowers exhibitors

The exhibition makes full use of the Internet, big data, live interaction, online negotiation and other information technologies, adopts offline + online “dual-line” mode, and cooperates with the digital investment promotion trading platform of 798 home furnishing procurement network to create new industry application scenarios, new industrial operation ecology, and new models of centralized procurement services, provide merchants with a new exhibition experience, and promote the exchange, cooperation and common development of upstream and downstream enterprises in related industries.


Publicity upgrades million exposures

In order to ensure the actual participation effect of exhibitors, the exhibition has comprehensively upgraded its publicity and promotion work. While laying out major home furnishing markets inside and outside the province and carrying out full coverage of outdoor advertising, it also spends heavily on online advertising (WeChat, Douyin, Toutiao, Kuaishou, subway advertising, etc.), continuously expanding the publicity scope and publicity of exhibition information, and it is expected that the publicity exposure will exceed one million.


Fringe events are exciting

The organizer, together with the association and industry media, launched more than ten thematic forums and activities at the same time, with the theme of new product releases, summit forums, technical seminars and other forms to enrich the connotation of the exhibition. So that exhibitors and visitors can communicate with industry experts and peers on site, timely grasp the new concepts and technologies of the industry, and point out the direction for the future development of enterprises and dealers.

Exhibition schedule



(Former Taiyuan Coal Trading Center)

Layout time

March 02-March 03

Specially equipped exhibitors enter the hall to set up the exhibition

March 03

Standard booth exhibitors enter the hall to set up the exhibition

See time

March 04: 9:00-17:00

March 05: 9:00-17:00

March 06: 9:00-16:00

Dismantling time

March 06, 16:00 p.m

Scope and cost of participation

Scope of Participation

Wooden door exhibition area

Solid wood doors, composite doors, steel wood doors, bamboo and wood doors, unpainted wood doors, molded doors, etc

Sliding door exhibition area

Sliding doors, swing doors, folding doors, toilet doors, shower rooms, KFC doors, system doors and windows, sun rooms, etc

Metal door exhibition area

Security doors, fire doors, entrance doors, unit doors, courtyard doors, electric doors, etc

Customized exhibition area

Whole wood customization, whole house customization, integral cabinet/wardrobe, stairs, study, kitchen and bathroom, cloakroom, all aluminum customization, etc

Smart home

Gated access control technology, locks, smart locks, smart switches, smart door control systems, etc

Auxiliary materials

PVC film, door core board, edge banding strip, plate, hardware accessories, paint coating, sealing materials, etc

Smart manufacturing

Cutting machine, edge banding machine, laminating machine, electronic saw, six-sided drill and other household production equipment

Participation fee

Standard booth

6800 yuan/piece (3m×3m) Including: three sides hoarding, a frieze, a table and two chairs, two spotlights, power sockets, frieze.


700 yuan/㎡ (from 36 ㎡) You need to pay the special installation management fee and garbage removal fee to the exhibition hall; Pay a special deposit according to the area.


900 yuan/㎡ (from 36 ㎡) Includes: truss, spray painting, carpet, spotlight, power supply, construction management fee.

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March 04 – March 06, 2022

Taiyuan Jinyang Lake International Convention and Exhibition Center

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