What the hell is Roseton?

If you want to say what TV series is the hottest recently, it is a mountain version of “Luding Ji”. Here the author will not repeat the story and classics of “Luding Ji”, nor will I discuss Zhang Yishan’s acting skills. For such an Internet celebrity TV series, it is very normal to have various opinions and opinions. But when it comes to what brand of watch Zhang Yishan endorses, I believe that even many senior cousins may not know. In this issue, we will talk about the watch brand that Zhang Yishan just endorsed not long ago – Lawston.

I believe that when many cousins hear this brand for the first time, their reactions are the same as the author, what the hell does this sound like “a joint venture between Rolex and Vacheron Constantin”? When you “Baidu”, you will find some official introductions about this brand, of course, these are official words, and it is very limited for cousins to thoroughly understand this brand. ROSDN was founded and registered in 2005 by Mr. Luo Liqing (brand founder) in his hometown of Fujian, and currently belongs to a Shenzhen intelligent technology company.

Whether it is Baidu Encyclopedia or the official website, in this limited 15-year brand history introduction, in addition to finding Hua Shao, Ding Junhui, Zhang Yishan endorsement, is where to advertise and what activities are sponsored. At the level of core technology and products of watches, there is almost no mention. In this regard, it is not difficult to guess that this watch brand is alive and “not doing business”.

Let’s take a look at what watches does Roseton sell? Taking the current Intrepid series G3288 endorsed by Zhang Yishan as an example, it is still a little interesting to copy the design of the racing dashboard, plus the four-corner screws. The octagonal crown is also reminiscent of the royal oak tree.

The crown and buttons are on the left, is this ready for left-handers? The official saying is to make it more comfortable to wear, as if it were the same thing. This watch uses a Citizen quartz movement, which is actually expected. Because when I opened the official website of Luxton for the first time, I saw those watches with hollowed dials, and eight or nine were not far from ten, which was the Citizen movement.

You think that’s the end of it? And there’s more. It is also the Wukong series endorsed by Zhang Yishan, which is also a Chinese characteristic watch. The appearance is properly copied Casio G-SHOCK, after reading it, the author can only sigh. Aren’t you afraid of Casio suing?

Is Zhang Yishan wrong to endorse Rouston?

As the saying goes, “there is no right or wrong in capital, only interests.” What is it like to be a star? Nothing more than “fame and fortune”. As long as the price of the brand side is high enough, what endorsement is obviously not so important. In recent years, we can also see that many top celebrities have endorsed bad products, resulting in consumers being pitted. If you just buy the wrong watch, the author thinks that this tuition fee is nothing. But if you believe the spokesperson and buy P2P thunderstorm, it may be a “human tragedy”.

For Zhang Yishan to endorse Laughston, there is nothing wrong on the surface. But in the long run, for the current “top” Zhang Yishan, the future prospects can be said to be limitless, and there is still a long way to go in his acting career. As a very special category, watches can be bought from a few dollars to hundreds of millions, and they pay great attention to “brand and grade”.

Zhang Yishan endorses Chinese brand watches, or Chinese brand watches with very little recognition. For traditional luxury brand cars and luxury brands, there will be some other ideas when considering Zhang Yishan as a spokesperson. It is not so much that Zhang Yishan “picked up sesame seeds and lost watermelons”, but rather “has no vision”. But for the Roseton brand, this wave of traffic is rubbed, no, as of the author’s press release, a Roseton flagship store Zhang Yishan The same watch transaction has reached 5.

Write at the end

From Rollston, endorsed by Zhang Yishan, we can see the attitude of some Chinese brands towards watchmaking. Only pursue short-term traffic, do not work hard in product development and after-sales service, even if you sell a few hundred pieces, it is difficult to have loyal fans. Returning to the topic of this issue, what the hell is Roseton? Laugh it off and that’s it! (Text/Qiu Xiaocheng)

What the hell is Roseton?

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