Winter must-have color-blocking cotton clothing to “spell” a sense of fashion

Vintage cotton + versatile T-shirt + casual jeans

Footwear: Breathable sneakers

How much do you know about winter cotton clothing? Maybe it’s more of a solid color style! It doesn’t matter, today’s winter must-have color-blocking cotton clothing to “spell” a sense of fashion; For this matching, choose a baseball cotton suit on the upper body, and the towel embroidered design on the right chest increases the texture of the jacket; The bodice and sleeves are boldly used in color-blocking design, making the jacket visually full of layers; The patch pocket on the left chest is combined with the split design of the bodice, giving the jacket a retro function; Layer it over a white T-shirt; Choose a blue casual jeans for the lower body, with a moderate pants shape, which is convenient for most boys with leg shapes; Just choose a color-block sneaker for the shoes.

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