How to wear an autumn “undershirt”? The dry goods you want are here, versatile and not picky

With the arrival of autumn, the temperature across the country is gradually dropping, at this time there is a single item immediately become a must-have for all women, the use rate can be said to be higher and higher, it is the necessary “undershirt” in our wardrobe. Among the many basic items, undershirts look very inconspicuous and often overlooked, but they can play a major role in the cool season and are also a safety card in clothing. Most of the styles of undershirts are basic and versatile, and they are very comfortable and warm to wear, and they are not easy to make mistakes. However, it is difficult to wear undershirts that are fashionable and advanced, so we must know how to choose the style, color and matching method of the undershirt that suits us, in order to wear a fashionable look that is both thin and good-looking.

The first type: the “fabric” selection of the undershirt

As we all know, undershirts are worn in the first layer closest to our skin, so it is natural to choose quality fabrics, so that when we wear them, we can harm the skin, so as to obtain a beautiful wearing experience. And the undershirt will be worn directly alone except in a few cases, and in most cases it is to layer other clothing, so naturally you can not choose too thick fabrics, but thick and suitable is the most comfortable.

The second: undershirt “style” selection

The selection of undershirt styles is mainly because our ordinary women are more or less deficient, especially the arms, waist and abdomen will have some fat, so when choosing undershirts, it is natural to choose according to their figure. No matter what kind of item the undershirt is used to layer and what style to create, it is best to choose a style with a sense of space in the message, which can not only fit the figure, but also do not affect the matching of other clothing.

The third type: undershirt “color” selection

In terms of choosing the color of the “undershirt”, the color is a key point, after all, the color of the undershirt can be said to be colorful, and many times it will make people dazzled and do not know how to start. We still have to choose according to the situation, if it is just in daily life in order to “dress not easy to make mistakes”, then the simple basic color undershirt is the most suitable, simple white, calm black and textured gray, are all good choices, easy to control a variety of items.

If you want to look young and beautiful, you can choose a low-brightness colored undershirt, so that whether you wear it alone directly or with other items, it is not easy to make mistakes and show clutter. As shown in the picture above, a simple crisp haze blue undershirt, the lower body with white pants, fresh and vulgar color matching, set off the skin tone and reduce the effect of age, but also to the overall matching to brighten the role, make yourself beautiful very special and personal.

Of course, in addition to solid color undershirts, you can also choose undershirts with trend elements, then as shown in the picture above, fashionable striped undershirts, wavy pattern undershirts, etc., rich in décor patterns, used to wear alone or layered are very fashionable and personal. The lower body is matched with simple and generous pants, and the combination of traditional and simple is very eye-catching and attractive.

The fourth type: the “collar” selection of undershirts

Although most of the undershirts are used as the innermost item, they will also show the design of the neckline, after all, the basic common is the round-neck undershirt, suitable for girls who are more confident in their face shape. For girls with round faces or neck lines that are not good-looking, you can choose a stylish V-neckline undershirt, which can set off the delicate small face shape and enhance the overall appearance.

With the arrival of late autumn, the temperature will be colder, the autumn wind will be more cold, at this time the half-turtleneck undershirt can just come in handy, which can help you modify the slender neck line, but also get enough warmth, while showing the literary temperament.

With the continuous development of fashion trends, the neckline design of undershirts is becoming more and more abundant, as shown in the picture above, a variety of styles with a sense of design began to emerge, and this type of undershirt is more suitable for single wear. A black undershirt with an off-the-shoulder collar layered with a black vest and a leopard-print skirt on the lower body instantly elevates the ordinary undershirt several notches to make you feel fashionable.

The fifth type: the “matching method” of the undershirt selection

The most fashionable way to wear undershirts is undoubtedly the way to layer, then it is when the basic undershirts come into play, and it is also in line with the current trend of minimalist dressing, so that your outfit is bright and beautiful.

There is no natural beauty capital, but we have the ability to rewrite destiny, every beautiful and excellent woman can create her own charm by working hard to find a suitable outfit.

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