I rub my skin with potatoes and the skin is beautiful: is it worth it? Expert opinion

The potato boom caught up with us in 2022. It turns out that not only rejuvenating apples, potatoes also help restore the youthfulness and beauty of the skin.

It’s true? Are mashed potatoes good for the skin? What results await us with an ordinary potato mask? – We will talk about all this in today’s article.

What are the benefits of potatoes for the skin (theoretically).

Potatoes contain the following vitamins: vitamin C, adermin (vitamin B6), folic acid, niacin, vitamin B1, B9, etc.

It can be understood from the above that potatoes can help improve the condition of the skin. But from a cosmetic point of view, the question of dosage remains open.

If you wipe your skin with potato chips, then you won’t actually get at least some visible results. The effect occurs in the upper layers of the epidermis, where beneficial substances simply cannot penetrate deep into the skin.

Yes, red onions have much higher beneficial properties, but no one would think of rubbing their skin with an onion and expecting amazing results from it.

You will be able to see some lifting effects due to starch as it dries out the skin and tightens it.

It would be more useful to eat raw potatoes directly as food.

Potato mask to remove wrinkles.

Recently, I often read articles about potato mask recipes. They all promise deep hydration, a facelift and a full rejuvenation in one go.

I decided to ask the beautician how effective this mask is and what kind of effect should actually be expected.

Potato starch-based masks are contraindicated on dry skin. Starch dries out the skin. In this case, it is better to give preference to alginate, which helps moisturize the skin and does not draw moisture from it.

Potato masks like this can help oily skin, shrink pores and brighten the skin a little. But compared to clay, the results will not be noticeable. Similarly, on oily dehydrated skin, it is best not to use this starch mask.

The time of the program. The potato mask starts to dry out quickly, which means that all the benefits of this mask simply cannot penetrate deeper than the stratum corneum.

It is impossible to predict how the skin will react to this homemade mask. This applies absolutely to all homemade masks. I don’t know if there will be an allergic reaction, and it needs to be tested on a small area on the skin. Otherwise, we will take a coupon to the dermatologist instead of beautiful skin.

The only thing you can really expect from a potato mask is a slight temporary lifting effect. In this case, it cannot be said that there is any deep effect on the skin. Professional masks with working ingredients cannot cope with deep wrinkles, but it is not worth talking about potato masks.

A lot of work, but the result is minimal. Of course, for fun, you can try to do it once and then calm down. Personally, I am not impressed with the result. I got better results from alginate.

Have you tried making a potato rejuvenating mask for yourself? Did you like the result?

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