Can a child wear snow boots? How to prevent foot deformation? Experts give you the answers

In winter, snow boots become a favorite, whether at home or on the go, a pair of snow boots can be both stylish and warm. And some time ago, it was reported on the Internet that often wearing snow boots will cause disability? Many parents have expressed concern, so is it true that snow boots are disabled?

Snow boots

Disabling snow boots is exaggerated, but children should not wear more

Regarding the disability of snow boots, the basis is that the materials used inside and outside the snow boots are soft, the internal space is relatively large, and the feet will slide a certain amount in it after wearing them, and with each step, gravity will spread out along the foot to the surroundings, so that the arch of the foot is subjected to a large impact, thereby causing injury to the foot, ankle and even the hip. Experts say that although there is some basis for the claim that snow boots have injuries to feet, the possibility of disability is very, very small.

Experts said that snow boots are flat boots, which are more suitable for home wear, but wearing them for a long time will cause certain injuries to the feet, such as tendon fascial strain on the feet, resulting in tendinitis and fasciitis. Children in the growing stage have still developed their feet, have not yet formed good foot resistance, and wearing snow boots for a long time is not good for the joints at the ankles. Severe cases can also cause stunting, foot deformity and other conditions.

The appearance is hypertrophied and easy to form a figure of eight

Figure-eight legs

In the cold winter, there needs to be a certain amount of space in the shoes to maintain good blood circulation and heating circulation of the feet, so the shoe shape of snow boots and cotton shoes is generally fatter. The advantage of snow boots is that they are easy to put on and take off, and because of this, the boots and the body are relatively fat. The shoe type is hypertrophied, the feet wander in the shoes when walking, and the outside or inside of the foot has to be used to control when walking, and over time, especially for children who are still in the developmental stage, the possibility of forming a figure-eight gait is greater.

If so, how can it minimize damage?

Children’s feet

1. Choose the right size of snow boots, do not oversize

The principle that snow boots are harmful to footsteps is precisely because of the hypertrophic internal space, which causes the foot to slide back and forth when walking, so that the arch of the foot is subjected to a large impact. If the yardage is not chosen properly, the impact will be greater and the damage to the ankle will be greater. Therefore, it is especially important to choose a pair of snow boots with the right size.

2. Avoid wearing it for a long time

Many people can wear a pair of snow boots for a winter, and once they put them on, they can’t take them off. Children should not wear snow boots for a long time or long distance, and it is best to change other children’s shoes in time after wearing them to kindergarten or other destinations on the road.

3. Change the regular insoles in the boots

The soft insole at the bottom of a snow boot is another reason why they slip easily. If you add an ordinary insole to it, increase the friction, you can effectively reduce the slippage. Of course, do not add a foot arch pad, so as not to occupy the activity space and hurt your feet more.

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