Pan Yingzi is not afraid of the passage of time, 70+ wear skirts to show S curves, and her delicate face has not collapsed at all

#Fashion is around#

#What to wear today#

Skirts have always been worn by many girls in their daily lives

Fashion items

No matter what style you want to show, you can choose the dress in your wardrobe as your heart’s content

Wear it every day.

Specifically, the different styles, designs, and colors of the skirt will be fully revealed

Different features

, can be

Driven by different girls

And the skirt as

Mass item

, the age limit is also relatively small, not so much

Unnecessary restrictions

, whether it is a young young girl or a more elegant one

middle-aged women,

You can choose your favorite dress.

In the entertainment industry, there is a female star who likes to wear skirts very much, and she is interested in skirts

Unique outfits

, she is Pan Yingzi under the following

Follow her to learn and learn.

Fashion elements of skirts

Typography design:

Suspender waist wrapped hip skirt

Color selection:

Elegant and atmospheric red

Fabric selection:


Décor treatment:

Elegant solid color design

Format design: suspender waist wrapped hip skirt

For older girls or want to walk an elegant style, choosing a suspender hip skirt is very good

Choose wisely.

The design of the sling can show the upper body very well

Beautiful curves

, For girls with slender upper bodies, such a design can highlight themselves very well

Body advantage

, attract people’s attention to avoid the gaze of the disadvantage, and highlight the advantages

Slowing down the appearance of shortcomings.

And the suspenders are also for showing femininity

Very critical

, suspenders match

Low-cut neckline design

, looming and fascinating

Collarbone and right shoulders.

And the design of the waist is even more like this


Spread to the extreme. For slimmer or usual waist

Body management

Compared to the girls in place.

This design can show the feminine to the fullest

S-shaped curve

, exuding

Sexy and charming

‘s charm, it’s hard not to notice, I have to say that Pan Yingzi is not afraid of the passage of years, 70+ wear skirts to show S curves,

The face is delicate and does not collapse at all.

Color selection: atmospheric Chinese red

For middle-aged women, red seems to be a common color to match skirts, and indeed red can be good

Enhance people’s complexion


The skin is dull yellow

For girls, choosing elegant red can be good

Accentuates the complexion and reveals its glamour.

But red is not for middle-aged women

Exclusive face

color, it for age

The degree of inclusiveness is very high

, Even young girls of a young age can be well controlled.

The enthusiastic red color is due to its color

Unique properties

, often give people a feeling of youth and vitality, whether young or old can be very good

Show style

。 I have to say that Pan Yingzi is like a grandmother, beautiful and curvy wearing a low-neck skirt,

A good figure can be compared with a little girl.

Fabric selection: polyester cotton

In terms of specific fabric choices, polyester cotton fabric can be said to be a common material used to make dresses.

Polyester cotton belongs to blends,

Compared with pure cotton, it is more soft and skin-friendly, and it is not easy to prick

Uncomfortable feelings.

At the same time he is very

It is not easy to fold

, It is suitable for making more advanced skirts, which can well avoid the problem of sitting out of wrinkles for a long time, and greatly improve the whole body

Texture to match.

Decor treatment: elegant solid color design

Focus on the skirt itself, a single solid color design is actually unique to the skirt

Careful choice

。 A single color itself can cause

Visual fatigue

, makes people look more monotonous and boring

A sense of vitality and possion.

But because the skirt itself has already chosen a sense of vitality

Chinese red,

Therefore, the choice of solid color design is not too strange, but shows a kind

Understated luxury beauty.

And since the skirt is mainly

Tuggy skirt

, so solid color dresses are more able to express

Elegant and dignified


Other beautiful matches for dresses

Lemon yellow short-sleeved nipped-in waist

If you want to choose some comparisons


The color of lemon yellow is a very stunning color representative. The lemon yellow dress can give people visually

young blood

The feeling makes people look free-spirited and very free-spirited

Features of age reduction.

The design with a cinched waist can show off femininity to the fullest

, perfectly showing the graceful body line of women, inadvertently increasing

Feminine charm, enhance femininity.

The whole outfit shows it

Feminine femininity

, and at the same time

The taste of youth.

Slip bandeau long gauze dress

Want more

Show femininity

, then the style of the slip bandeau dress is not to be missed. The design of the suspenders can show off the upper body of women well

beautiful lines,

Such a design for girls with a relatively slender body

Very friendly

Wearing a red slip dress, it involuntarily increased

Temperament and charm

, makes people beautiful

Can’t take your eyes off.

And the choice of tulle fabric too

Very ingenious

, the design of yarn products can be well increased

Dreamy and sophisticated

, make the whole outfit look very good

Elegant and dignified.

Deep V-neck lace pleated skirt

In addition to red, the classic white can also be displayed in many ways

Different styles

。 The deep V-neck white lace pleated skirt is both

Cute and sexy,

These two seemingly contradictory characteristics are perfectly integrated to show women’s in diversity

Different charms.

The design of the deep V-neck can be said to be a highlight, not only showing the line of the shoulder and neck better, but also visually elongating

The length of the neck

, making people look more upright and straighter

With temperament

And the combination of lace and pleated skirts too

Very cleverly,

Can show the cute side of women, looks

Very lively and cute.

Skirts are increasingly being used by girls

Love and acceptance

, No matter what style of girl you take, as long as you choose according to your preferences and body advantages, you will definitely be able to find the right one for yourself

Style and manner of dressing.

Reading more fashion magazines and watching more celebrities or trendy outfits can be a good way to learn something

dressing skills,

Someday it can

Use your outfit to improve yourself.

#What to wear today#

S-shaped curve

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