The cottage fishing rod bought for 500 yuan, known as the “Zotye” of the fishing gear industry, can pass the test?

This issue evaluates: three-second AK47 (11 meters), the promotion price is 510 yuan. It is said to be a “cost-effective” brand made in Hebei, what is the actual situation? Like the video here:

Video version

From the name to the livery is the AK47 of the “cottage” water mink

Coating analysis

Three seconds with black as the main color with a little green and gold decoration, simple text and two fish on the front, and a lot of English on the back, but full of holes, can’t bear to complain.

The meaning of the first sentence is: very special technology and advanced graphite, but unfortunately the word Advanced is misspelled. The third sentence is not only misspelled, but also unsatisfactory, the standard should be: super high modulus carbon.

Plagiarism is not careful

The one on the left wants to express the Mitsubishi military carbon cloth, but the English is actually “three-edged”, that is, the three-sided bayonet

(The correct one should be: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.)

It should be translated by Baidu

The most funny thing is that the Japanese language under the previous catfish character is completely created by yourself, why do you have to make these? Are Chinese characters bad?

This is a “homemade” Japanese

The bare carbon part uses dark stripe tape, so there are no flaws visible, which also makes the cone cushion workmanship look OK.

The interface of the first section is not well done, this is the first time I have found that the jointing is so serious after testing so many rods.

This is a typical process that does not work

The appearance of the front and rear plugs is good, but the sponge material inside the rear plug is not durable, not as good as the rubber pad.

In general, as a fishing rod of less than 50 yuan / meter, although the paint content is a bit funny, the workmanship can basically meet this price point.

Parameter measurement

To remove the front and rear plugs, the fishing rod weighs 523.2 grams, the official label is 515 grams, the error is 1.6%, and the back plug weighs 10.6 grams.

The center of gravity of an important parameter affecting the holding of the rod is about 3.3 meters away from the bottom, so the core holding parameter torque is: 1495. (torque = with rear plug center of gravity * including rear plug weight)

The weight at 40cm from the bottom is more intuitive: 4.3kg, which is the actual weight of anglers under the traditional rod holding method.

The weight 60cm from the bottom is about 2.65kg, which is the actual weight of the angler when holding the rod in both hands or putting the rod on the leg.

Compared with the long pole of the first four phases, it is closer to the Guangwei Longyun Enjoyment Edition, but the total length of three seconds is only 10.8 meters, so if it is full, it may be heavier than the Guangwei Longyun.

Other rods are generally over 10.95 meters

The overall stiffness is average, but there is no serious hanging phenomenon, and the measured results of other basic data are shown in this table.

In terms of tonality, after hanging up two hundred grams of weight, I tested the full unfolding at one time, closing one section, closing two sections, closing three sections, and closing four sections of the rod arc, the overall arc of three seconds is natural, there is no dead angle, but the smoothness of the closing is average.

Expand full

Collect two sections

Collect four verses

Then I hung up a nest beater and filled it with about 2 taels of wine rice for nesting, and the overall stability of the rod was good, but the holding feeling was heavy, and I was a little tired at the beginning of the penultimate section.

I used 200 grams of weight to simulate the state of returning fish in the water, and the arc at different angles and lengths for three seconds was no problem, but it felt really heavy.

I often play with the long rod, but I still feel heavy

Finally, I tested the state of the crucian carp flying directly 8 or so taels without a strong struggle with a 500-gram weight, and I could feel that it was a relatively strong rod for three seconds.

Comprehensive evaluation

The three-second fishing rod can be seen from the name and livery that it imitates a mink. For this reason, I specially ran to the fishing tackle shop to get a look at the genuine copy, it can be said that it is not the same thing at all, and the process of copying the livery is not very careful, and several original “English” places are all wrong. Personally, I hate this kind of “copycat” behavior, and I even think that this is one of the root causes hindering the progress of Chinese fishing rods.

Genuine mink AK47

If the rod itself is concerned, it can basically match this price, it belongs to a rod that pursues strength but is heavy, and it is not suitable for fishing small and medium-sized crucian carp alone, and the holding feeling is too heavy, and the length of 11 meters is very tiring even if it is closed. It is more suitable for fishing deep-water crucian carp or fishing carp and grass carp with a stand.

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