In a second, you can learn the red rope weaving skills of the left and right wheel knots, and come and watch

Today I will teach you to make a new knot, very simple and beautiful, left and right wheel knots

Let’s take a look at the finished product first

This bracelet uses left and right wheel knots and button knots, and the tutorial for button knots has been released, so this bracelet novice can also make it quickly

Now let’s teach you to do left and right wheel knots:

1. Take a wire and fold it in half and fix it with a clamp

2. As shown in the figure, the left line makes the axis, and the right line circles the left line

3. Tighten the right line

4. Then use the right line as the axis, and the left line as the winding, as shown in the figure

5. Tighten the line

6. Repeat the two steps

7. Do the length you want

Isn’t it simple!

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