Modern Diary|Mini bag reappeared, can hold a mobile phone can also “load” cute

With the popularity of “mini style”, many brands have taken out popular handbags to “transform”. Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele incorporated equestrian and vintage elements into the design, making the 1955 Horsebit handbags a popular choice, often appearing in street shots. Recently, the brand shrunk the 1955 Horsebit series handbags and launched a headphone bag.

Photo: Screenshot of Gucci’s official website

The new headphone bag is presented in classic Monogram canvas with vintage gold Horsebit equestrian elements, just enough to fit in wireless headphones, and the dark brown leather lining also hides a scaled-down version of the logo. The supple leather lanyard makes it easy to lose your wireless headphones when you’re out and about, and adds a highlight to your outfit.

Also “shrunk” is Prada’s Cleo Bag “Crescent Bag”. Raf Simons joined Prada and joined Miuccia Prada, the brand’s third-generation head, to inject more aesthetic design into the brand.

Photo: Screenshot of Prada’s official website

Cleo Bag’s design is simple, but it exudes a retro feeling of the 90s, and its modern and spontaneous style is favored by many fashionable girls.

Although it has been on the shelves for a while, the popularity of the Cleo Bag has not decreased. Prada “chased after the victory” at this time, launching the Mini Cleo Bag, which “cute” the girl’s heart. The smaller version is more compact and different from the regular model, and the smaller version has a leather strap that can be worn cross-body or over the shoulder, so you can change your style on the go.

Beijing News reporter Yu Meng’er

Edited by Li Zheng Proofread by Li Shihui

Photo: Screenshot of Prada’s official website

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