Prose poetry | solitary travel, solitary chant

Go alone, groan alone

Author|Petals like rain

‬离歌 , 伴随时光的车轮

Sung from last night to this morning

In the palm of your hand, there is still your residual warmth

On the lips, there are still your kiss marks

Behind him, however, is the door of the heart that has been deeply locked

The wind blows north, who is it

A song on the piano, written on paper

I can’t see through it, the depth of the years

Endless dust, the dust on the heart

Falling with flowers, sinking leaves with leaves

Long song short fu, sun, moon and stars

Mountains, clouds, waters, and moons are all foils

You have been here, warm as spring

A city of wind, there is no escape

Alone, who asked

Trek all the way, pursue all the way

From early morning to dusk

If there is no love, there is no hatred in the heart

Return , the original innocence

Reduction, free soul

Wrap your belly with poetry and drink with music

Abandonment, the forbearance of the dark sky

Although it is not a light and poetic turn

Smiles and relief, but lingering in tiredness

Bend down on the earth and worship the God in your heart

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