Ador: Simple large flat needle cloud feather loose pullover sweater (with woven illustration)

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Yun Yu,

Silk mohair

Gentle as a feather

Soft and comfortable

The fur is very fluffy,

Do not prick

The low-key big red

With a high-profile red cloud couple,

Complement each other

Not at all brilliant bad

The following Christmas, New Year’s Day, New Year’s Day

Red is coming

Here’s a big red

Celebrate the scene!

『 Love 』

With Line:

Weaving a new line of life [Yun Yu] 109 rose 1 share,

Fine lace wool [cloud couple] 1028 red 1 share


Yunyu 6.5 regiment, Yun couple 2 regiment

With needles:

Qiaogu, hiyahiya 4.0, 3.5


Length: 64cm,




Weaving instructions:

Thank you for the illustration shared by the flower-hearted hippopotamus

I use the needle more finely than the illustration

So weave the 7th yard

All unweave as diagrammed

Finally, thank you all for your support!

• end •

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