Don’t bare legs, you have to look at high-waisted pants to show high in winter, and the wardrobe is always equipped with these 2, fashionable and warm

Tall and thin outfits are what many women focus on in their matching. If you want to create a combination that looks thin and shows the length of the legs, of course, you can’t lack a pair of high-waist trousers, so that you can easily have a smart temperament and perfectly show the length of the legs, which is much warmer than any bare legs.

Next, I will recommend 2 different styles of high-waisted pants, and will also analyze the advantages of these high-waist pants to help us match more styles that suit us.

1. High-waisted straight-leg pants

• Grey knitted sweater + light grey jeans

The matching rule of the same color is the most time-saving and labor-saving in the outfit, and it is also the least prone to error. The fresh light gray sweater is worn on the woman’s body, showing a pure and simple temperament, which is very suitable for the skin tone of Asian girls, and the lower body is matched with light gray denim cropped pants, this style of wearing that exposes the ankles is more capable and refreshing, and can also achieve the effect of showing leg length.

Another gray sweater is more tight and thin, this fabric top is suitable for use as a bottom, short design top with high-waisted skinny jeans, refreshing and capable, perfect portrayal of three and seven points of body proportions, very enviable. The feet are paired with a pair of light-colored flat shoes, which looks quite good in reducing age.

• Coat + blue denim high-waisted pants

The combination of coat and denim high-waisted pants optimizes the proportion of the body well, this long coat will not lower the height at all when worn on the body, and with a tight underwear, it can outline the curves of the body that are convex and upturned, full of femininity. Choose the way to wear the coat draped over the shoulders, highlighting the powerful aura of the whole person, which is completely the way to wear the domineering royal sister.

Another navy blue coat’s modest fit gives this coat a versatile attribute, and the lower body, whether it is with trousers or a skirt, is very typical. High-waisted jeans are chosen in this outfit, the tight-fitting style of jeans achieves a slim effect, and a pair of sneakers on the feet is full of youthful vitality.

Second, high-waisted wide-leg pants

• Off-white knitted cardigan + denim wide-leg pants

We all know that choosing the “short upper and lower length” wearing method is visually very tall and thin, and this set of looks uses such dressing skills.

• Brown knit vest + black high-waisted wide-leg pants

The solid color knitted vest with high-waisted wide-leg pants is a simple and capable way to wear, and the high-waist design invisibly raises the waist line so that the effect of showing the length of the legs can be achieved.

• White shirt + high-waisted denim wide-leg pants

These blue high-waisted denim wide-leg pants are a bit similar to the design style of flared pants, with a touch of retro. The upper body is paired with a loose white shirt, smart and dashing, and the puff sleeve design is age-reducing and cute. The retro black hat and pointy-scalped boots are adding a handsome chic touch to the overall look.

• Gray knit top + white high-waisted wide-leg pants

Although the gray and white combination is simple, but the temperament is not diminished in the slightest, this light gray knit top, the neckline is a bit like the design of the polo shirt, the slim style, worn on the body highlights the petite and thin. The lower body is paired with wide white high-waisted wide-leg pants, which are smart and mature.

• Black suit + brown high-waisted wide-leg pants

Black suits are a must-have item for many working women, and the lower body is paired with brown high-waisted wide-leg pants to highlight the smart and handsome style, which can lengthen the legs and cover up leg defects.

• Light coffee top + gray wide-leg pants

This handsome style of gray wide-leg pants with a loose trouser tube is suitable for a wide range of people. For most middle-aged women, such a simple and atmospheric combination can highlight the sense of luxury without much effort.

• White sweater + black wide-leg pants

When pairing high-waisted wide-leg pants with a loose-fit sweater, only a belt is needed to tie the hem of the top into it to highlight the waistline, this simple and smart way to wear is especially suitable for small people, with a green tongue, and a hat with more personality.

How to match high-waisted pants to look high-end and classy? Borrowing from the above dressing methods, you can easily have a thin and leg-length dressing style, are you excited?

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