In addition to suit jackets, what other business casual wear in autumn can balance style and temperature?


For business elites, there may be no waves in the so-called autumn and winter outfits.

Seeing the fashionable elves saying goodbye to the “revenge” layering of summer flowers, thinking about it is definitely not enough to put on a suit.

Why do you say that?

After all, business-oriented suits such as black and navy have always been synonymous with decency and generosity, not to mention that they have long become professional workwear in some industries.

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When dealing with busy work and daily commuting/negotiation scenarios, choosing a conservative dark suit will not bother you, or make the slightest mistake in business etiquette.

But there are no absolutes, and if you still have a sullen heart, this mediocre commuting style can only be the right choice. What’s more, in fact, there will be modern business-style items that are not inferior to suits in classic menswear occasions.

Within the rules, there may be a lot more room to play than you think.

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Like today’s recommended pieces, each one is enough to replace the blazer top to cope with the dignity of the business casual scene, ensuring that you can take into account the warmth you need in autumn while also showing your dressing taste.

Long trench coat

You may have seen the movie version of “

Downton Abbey

will notice that the intention to carry out an assassination mission in the play is carried out

Captain Chetwode

Often wearing khaki

Mackintosh trench coat

(Mackintosh) appears.

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This windbreaker, which originated from military uniforms, is like an overcoat, in addition to considering warmth, it also allows the suit inside to avoid dirt and provides a certain degree of wind and rain protection.

Although this is not unrelated to his military status, to some extent from the commuting attire of Captain Chetwode for this trip,

It already reflects the potential of trench coats to become modern business-style items as early as the beginning of the 20th century

Stephen Campbell Moore, who plays Captain Chetwode in Downton Abbey, appears in Mac-coat (1st from left)

Then again, there are many styles of trench coats, but I still feel it

The Mackintosh version is more in line with the needs of business casual

Compared to trench coats, which are equipped with various intricate details such as large lapels, double-breasted buttons, and shoulder loops and waist loops, the Mackintosh trench coat is undoubtedly

It is more concise and neat, does not show a strong sense of drama because of its military bloodline, and the requirements for temperament are naturally not so high

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However, this does not mean that it is difficult to make achievements in business and leisure scenes.

Thanks to its structured silhouette and light-sensitive texture, it’s easy to inject a bit of sophistication into your daily commute

Of course, it can be called a trench coat, and it has all the functions it should have: a windproof collar, a certain waterproofness and a sense of structure that is not easy to deform, and can walk in a variety of scenes after wearing.

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There are many options for pursuing classic versions, in addition to the well-known Burberry, Aquascutum and Mackintosh, the same veterans from the UK


It can’t be ignored either.

It is not ruled out that everyone’s first impression of Grenfell is the horn button coat that has long been out of the circle, in fact, Grenfell as an old factory focusing on the jacket category, its various trench coats can reflect the brand’s nearly 100 years of heritage and cultivation.

Like the iconic one


The trench coat was introduced as early as the brand’s inception in the 30s, and it is no exaggeration to say that it bears the name of Sir Malcolm Campbell as a living fossil that bears witness to the brand’s history.

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It still works

Cotton Gabardine

This traditional functional fabric is created, but the waterproof and windproof effect is definitely more in line with the wearing needs of modern urbanites than wax, rubber, etc.

Other details are similar to the Mac-coat, such as raglan sleeves, concealed placket, two slant slip pockets, interior pockets and a checked lining of pure cotton. whereas

Detachable liner in wool & cashmere-blend

It also takes care of the warmth of wearing in winter.

If Campbell’s classic/standard fit, A-line silhouette is too wide,

Slim fit



It will still satisfy your taste. The waterproof fabric and checked pattern lined by Grenfell give this trench coat a uniquely British undertone.


Today, the reason why jackets can be more universal than long trench coats must be related to its highly inclusive modification function.

As long as it is a regular short design, with normal waist/high-waist pants, there is no need to worry about the length of the clothes will affect your visual body proportions, and unlock the long legs in a second.

Of course, the premise is choice

Fitted cut

。 After all, competence is always one of the most indispensable images of business activities, allowing you to maintain as much elegance as possible between gestures.

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There are also a wide variety of jacket styles, in addition to cargo jackets, military jackets, denim jackets, motorcycle jackets, and a series of modern designs that have been improved and updated based on this.

And in order to ensure that it is more in line with the business orientation,

I would recommend choosing a standard short design with a simple style, no chest pockets, few stitching/construction, and a material texture that is characteristic but does not stand out too much.

For example, it exists as a fixed grade in autumn




。 They also have a very recognizable texture, even if integrated into the plain design, they can still reflect the taste of details, not monotonous.

But if I had to choose the jacket that suits the commute best,

I would not hesitate to vote for suede jackets

Because in terms of the right leisure, personal feelings

The mottled fur of suede will be more subtle and calm than the pit texture of corduroy

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When everyone uses to match



and other materials


when, they

There is actually no obvious sense of contradiction with the velvet surface of suede, and it maintains a business tone steadily, which is quite harmonious

But after changing to a corduroy jacket with a pit stripe appearance, you will find that there is a “sudden change in painting style”.

Even if it is paired with formal trousers, it does not enhance the performance of business temperament in the slightest, and instead it is a one-sided workwear flavor and retro casual feeling.

And the Italian menswear brand born in 1911


Although he started as a raincoat, he began to shift his focus to the manufacture of high-end jackets in 1935, and was appointed by the Italian royal family as one of the suppliers in 1939 and 1942.

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The jacket design can basically conform to the calm tone of the business style, and the delicate texture details will not make it boring in casual wear.

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Its most iconic jacket product is none other than that


Each season returns with a small amount of seasonal detail changes, never absent.

The stand collar, cuffs and hem all have solid ribbed closures, horn buttons, and two flap pockets at the waist, is there an A-1 sense of déjà vu at a glance?

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That’s right, it’s because in the same year that transformed jacket manufacturers,

Valstar’s Valstarino was the first Italian to reinterpret the A-1 leather jacket worn by American pilots in World War I

It is said that it was also the first civilian bomber jacket and was sought after by many upper-class people.

In addition to the most classic suede, there are also materials such as linen, wool, cashmere, harris tweed, etc

Loro Piana

Fox Brothers、VBC

and other well-known fabric suppliers, rich styles are enough to meet different orientations.

Shawl collar cardigan

As synonymous with elegance, cardigan is certainly a business casual style that cannot be ignored. Just mention cardigans, and many men may always be discouraged by them.

In addition to being shrouded by the stereotype that “the older generation will only wear”, in order to pursue higher comfort in today’s urban people, fine-needle and ultra-fine knitwear has long become the mainstream.

But this overly slim appearance is easy to form a feminine feeling that makes tough guys allergic

, there is no bone, which makes the cardigan fall into an awkward dead loop, and it is difficult to completely get out of the circle.

Naturally, men who are obsessed with dressing cardigans but have thin bodies must find another “tough” cardigan with the opposite temperament to satisfy their elegant wishes

It just comes with

Distinctive jacquard/twisted, thick needle green fruit collar (shawl collar) cardigan

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Whether it’s the overall fluffiness or structure, a thick-needle cardigan will be better than a typical fine-needle cardigan.

Performance that can support a visible silhouette,

It is especially suitable for thin men to avoid a feeling of weakness, rather than completely fitting the body like a fine-needle soft cardigan

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The reason why it is specially emphasized is the green fruit collar style, is

Because the collar design can add some structure to the cardigan

This enhances the overall sense of weight

Combined with the distinctive rib texture given by the thick needles, it ensures that while taking into account the tough temperament, it can also add a bit of intellectual and elegant styling to the commuter style through the open design

Even the image of a tall and muscular macho man who is too strong after wearing it is tempered and transformed into an affinity necessary in the business scene

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Like an Italian menswear brand


This lamb wool cardigan, don’t look at the texture of its thick needles to think that the comfort will be greatly reduced, in fact, it still retains a gentle and comfortable feel.


The overall fit is neat and neat,

The moderate length and size of the collar avoid being too casual in business scenarios, and the slightly rolled collar curve makes the collar quite dignified when it is natural

A shirt and trousers for the autumn commute are elegant enough.

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