After the camouflage was renewed, the new jacket-style military uniform came

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Those who have experience in the army may have a feeling that physical training uniforms are more comfortable than camouflage uniforms, camouflage uniforms are more comfortable than ordinary uniforms, and regular uniforms are divided into summer uniforms, long-sleeved regular uniforms, spring and autumn regular uniforms, and winter regular uniforms.

Among these types of regular clothes, I personally believe that winter regular clothes are more convenient to wear than summer regular clothes, summer regular clothes are more convenient to wear than long-sleeved regular clothes, and long-sleeved regular clothes are more convenient than spring and autumn regular clothes.

As an armed police soldier, it is not very comfortable to think about the spring and autumn regular clothes, although our spring and autumn regular clothes are really spiritual, but to wear the lining, and to tie a tie, it is really a bit cumbersome.

Many soldiers in the summer will envy the summer jacket-style regular clothes worn by the cadres, firstly, the summer regular clothes of the cadres are closed-mouthed, and there is no need to tie the inner belt without tying the outer belt!

And our soldiers usually have to tie the summer uniform into their pants after getting up or convenient, and the soldier brothers who usually have to work hard to tie the clothes into order, without leaving wrinkles. But the ones who really tie up neatly must be at least two years veterans.

The current regular clothes are much better than before, but the hard epaulets are hung up, the collar is also hard, and the thinner soldier brother looks spiritual, but the burly soldier brother wears it, and the activity always feels not very free, so that after a long time, the regular uniform is associated with daily education, conferences and other more serious occasions.

But to tell you the good news, after the starry sky camouflage, there was a photo on the Internet when Fang Yongxiang, vice minister of veterans affairs, led a team to Changping District and Haidian District of Beijing to investigate the work of retired soldiers——

As can be seen from the picture above, Vice Minister Fang’s new military uniform is similar to the regular uniform we wear every day, but this style is something we have never seen before, and it should be a new military uniform. And look at the military uniform fastening method has also been changed to zipper, the collar has also changed from strict “tie” to a more comfortable open collar.

The new military uniform is neither straight and fitted as we wear now, nor loose like camouflage uniforms, but takes the strengths of these two military uniforms, which are comfortable to wear, but also look rigorous and formal!

Seeing this, our expectations for the new military uniform should also be stronger, fantasize about the look of our own wearing this military uniform, should we purse our mouths and steal pleasure again? First of all, congratulations to you who are still on active duty, let’s talk about something authoritative.

At yesterday’s regular meeting of the Ministry of National Defense, Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesman of the Ministry of National Defense, confirmed the news of the issuance of new jacket-style military uniforms, saying, “In order to actively adapt to the reform of national defense and the army, optimize and improve the military uniform system of our army, focus on the wearing needs of the office environment, and develop and design the work uniform in accordance with the requirements of simple structure, capable and neat, and convenient command operations, and organize a trial within a certain range to test the suitability and wearing effect of service…”

According to Senior Colonel Wu Qian’s answer, we can perceive that the appearance of this new military uniform is definitely not out of nowhere, but there are traces to follow, but whether the new definition of this new military uniform is a new regular uniform, we have no way of knowing, nor can we see something from the past practice, because of this style and role of the new military uniform.

We have never seen it in any series of military uniforms in the past, and we have no way of knowing whether it is a new military uniform that replaces the Type 07 regular uniform or a working uniform born in response to the new working environment, but we can only hope that the pilot work will be promoted and we will see everyone wearing this handsome new costume as soon as possible!

New military uniform, new atmosphere! Everything will be better for the upcoming new year! Come on, comrades!

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