After reading the couple outfit of the Korean couple, I also want to find someone to fall in love with

Everyone who has an object more or less hopes to wear a couple outfit with their significant other, or match it together to add some color to ordinary days.

In addition to the couple outfits of the male and female protagonists in various TV series, there are actually many best couple matching demonstrations. Recently, the editor found a Korean couple on social platforms, and their outfits are very eye-catching. It is also very suitable for couples to study. So today, the editor will give you the outfit of Amway and the couple, and the couples should quickly pick up a pen and take notes.

The most important point between couples is to have the same color, in this outfit, the woman matched a brown dress, and then paired with a black fisherman’s hat and flip-flops, and the man chose a brown short-sleeved shirt in order to set off the woman’s color, with black trousers and flip-flops on the lower body, simple and casual with a sense of seniority, very worthy of reference.

The same is matched with the same color outfit, this time the man is paired with an off-white sweater and shirt, and the lower body is paired with a pair of blue jeans, which looks very Sven. The woman is matched with a beige blazer on the upper body, and a pair of blue jeans on the lower body, which gives people a very simple and comfortable feeling, and it is also easy to match.


One person is simple, the other person is high-profile, and you must be the most beautiful highlight

Of course, the Korean couple’s matching skills are not only that, the two often play different roles in collocation, usually the man as a green leaf to set off the girl. For example, in this matching, both of them used taro purple and black as a match, the boy chose a simple solid color T-shirt and pants as a match, while the girl was making a fuss on the skirt, and a long skirt with broken flowers showed the girl’s fresh and cute charm vividly.

In the same matching way, this time the boy chose a low-protection pink polo shirt and white trousers as a match, while the girl matched a pink floral dress, and the boys around him perfectly set off the girl like a fairy.

When they were at the beach, the two of them chose to go out in red and white outfits. The boy also simply matched a red T-shirt and white trousers, while the girl matched a red floral long skirt, which perfectly interpreted the goddess temperament.

This year’s popular royal blue is naturally one of the matching magic weapons of the Korean couple, this time the boy is still regarded as a green leaf, with a blue polo shirt and black trousers, set off the girl’s blue print long skirt.

2. Go on a date in a macaron outfit

Summer is the perfect time to wear macaron colors, and this Korean couple is no exception. Boys can wear a matcha T-shirt with white shorts, and girls can wear a matcha dress with a white tulle, matcha color is a perfect match for summer.

Sky blue is also a necessary color in summer, similarly, boys only need to match a sky blue solid color T on the upper body, and a pair of white trousers on the lower body. The girl’s upper body can be matched with a white T-shirt, and the lower body is matched with a sky blue long skirt with an open button, which perfectly interprets the fresh temperament.

Light yellow matching has also been very popular in recent years, for example, boys can match a light yellow shirt, and then wear a pair of white trousers, girls are wearing a light yellow long skirt and white top, fresh and textured, giving people a visual comfort.


You are very handsome, but I can also be handsome pants couple outfits

Occasionally, there are moments when you want to be handsome together, so let’s put on your own pants together. Boys can match a pair of textured long trousers, while girls can choose a pair of gray wide-leg trousers, and the photo taken together is simply handsome.

In addition to wearing handsome pants together, you can match a blazer together, this time, the Korean couple matched a retro blazer, the boy was handsome and Sven, and the girl chose an oversize blazer, which immediately showed a sassy temperament.

The classic black and white match is also the best choice for couples, girls can choose a pair of black suspender shorts and white long T, full of playfulness and cuteness. Boys can choose a simple pair of black cargo shorts with a white long T on the upper body, which can also highlight the sense of high-end simplicity.

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