Do girls like to wear flesh-colored stockings or black stockings?

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Adults don’t make choices, I personally like both colors, because as long as the person looks good, the legs are beautiful, whatever color is perfect to wear.


The temperature of stockings is roughly 18-25 ° C, and when the temperature reaches 23 ° C, it is the time of the stockings outbreak, because this temperature is just 0.618 times the normal body temperature of 36.5 ° C, which is the legendary golden temperature of stockings.

The good look is at the end, the more wonderful it is~

Of course, the golden temperature of this stockings is also a theoretical threshold, and we can often see that in the big winter, the little sister also wears stockings to go out, which has become the most eye-catching beauty on the road.

Stocking thickness standard

The thinness of the stockings is divided by D, using the Denier standard.

Denier number (Denier) is the textile industry (socks) fiber calculation unit, Denier number represents the thickness and transparency of stockings, “D” refers to the sock fiber of the unit of gravity, the smaller the D number, the thinner and more transparent the sock, and the thicker the socks D value is higher. Weigh as many grams of fiber as you weigh per 9,000 meters.

Danny numbers as small as a few D, such as 6D, 10D, 30D, as large as 120D, 240D, 280D, 680D, etc., are defined according to the type of socks of each manufacturer.

The higher the Danny number, the heavier and firmer; The lower the Danny number, the higher the transparency. Generally, 40-60D is spring and autumn socks, and above 60D is winter socks.

Summer stockings generally have a DEN number below 20D, cool and thin and good transparency, and now ultra-thin stockings even reach 5D. In winter, use thicker and warm velvet stockings, and stockings with a thickness of 1600D to 2000D are similar to autumn pants.

Stockings are distinguished by length

Invisible stockings: Refers to stockings whose length is the length of the invisible stockings.

Ankle stockings: Refers to stockings that are length to the ankle or so.

Medium stockings: Refers to stockings that are below the knee in length. Those short stockings and crystal stockings that reach the ankles are also called stockings. Usually with sneakers and canvas shoes in summer; Of course, you can also wear it in winter.

Long stockings: refers to stockings that can be worn to the base of the thighs, and the tights are used with garters. This is also the type of stockings that I think looks the best. This is also my favorite type.

Pantyhose: Shorts and stockings in one, waist-high.

There are also several types of stockings of the opposite sex:

Fish mesh stockings: This kind of socks are woven into a large mesh shape, can be made into a variety of patterns and patterns, very fashionable, this kind of socks breathable, no warmth function.

Tight-top stockings: Stockings with non-slip latex strips attached to the inside of the cuff will not slip without garters.

Fashion stockings: These socks are flat woven and have a stitch at the back of each side. This kind of stockings are very figure-showing, and they look tall.

Patterned stockings, some famous brands will add logos, or other shapes.

Tattoo stockings: This kind of stockings is to flock some patterns or print some tattoo pictures on the monochrome stockings, which can modify the leg defects, and can also highlight some specific feelings, sexy or cute.

Stockings are distinguished by color

The most common colors of daily stockings are flesh and black, and of course white, blue, green, but they are rare. Among the two most popular stocking colors, do the average girl like flesh-colored stockings or black silk?

Flesh-colored stockings

Black stockings

This article provides ultra-thin and thin stockings according to the current season, and then provides options according to length, and meat stockings and black silk.


Stockings can also be chosen without looking at the brand, that is, as long as it looks good. First of all, it doesn’t matter if it’s flesh, black, or any other color.

What a girl likes that day is different, depending on the matching of your clothes and the mood of the day. To match different styles of clothes, you will wear a little more flesh color in summer and a little more black in autumn and winter

The good thing about black is. Black is more decorative.

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Adults don’t make choices, I personally like both colors, because as long as the person looks good, the legs are beautiful, whatever color is perfect to wear.

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