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Cruise travel is now a different kind of journey that many people will feel, in Alaska, there are a variety of cruise ships and routes of different sizes to meet everyone’s needs, but also let many people experience the fun of cruises. If you haven’t played a cruise, don’t panic a batch, a trail

Alaska Cruise Guide


Due to geographical climate, port and environmental policies, Alaska is usually sold at higher prices than cruises in other seas during the same period. The Alaskan cruise season only runs from April to September, and the short season is in high demand, so the sooner you book a cruise in Alaska, the better. Numerous cruise lines have deployed their own vessels to operate in the area during the season. Xiaoqi sorted out the ship deployment of major cruise lines in Alaska in 2018, from ships, route design, sea and land combinations, each has its own characteristics, for your reference, if the information is not enough or need more details, you can check the specific content on our website.

Large cruise ships

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is the overlord of cruise and land combination products in the Alaska region, not only deploying the largest number of ships in the Alaska route area, but also has the exclusive Princess cruise terminal Whittier Port and the port to Fairbanks exclusive sightseeing trains, but also has its own exclusive American Princess Chalet Resort in the main tourist places in the region to receive Princess Cruises guests.

Princess Cruises will offer seven cruises between May and September 2018, extending a variety of options on three basic routes

Emerald Princess: 7-night Inner Bay route from Seattle to Tracy Arm Fjord

Ruby Princess Ruby: 7-night Inner Bay route from Seattle to Glacier Bay

Coral Princess: 7-night northbound or southbound 7-night route between Vancouver and Whittier and the addition of inland section combinations

Star Princess: Vancouver-Whittier 7-night northbound or southbound route with the addition of inland segment combinations

Island Princess: Vancouver-Whittier 7-night northbound or southbound route with the addition of inland segment combinations

Grand Princess: 10-night Inner Bay route to and from San Francisco

Golden Princess: Vancouver-Whittier northbound or southbound route and joins the inland section

Nova Cruises

Three ships will be sent to Alaska in 2018. The Norwegian Bliss is the company’s newest vessel, and after its launch in April, she crossed the Atlantic Ocean to Alaska via the Panama Canal to Alaska after its launch in April, and will be the largest and newest cruise ship in Alaska in 2018.

Norwegian Jewel: Vancouver-Seward northbound or southbound route and inland addition

Norwegian Pearl: Inner Bay route from Seattle to Glacier Bay

Norwegian Bliss: Seattle’s Inner Bay route to the Saya Glacier

Exquisite cruise ships

As a high-end brand exquisite cruise ship of Royal Caribbean International, it has put three cruise ships on the Alaska route,

Millennium Millennium: Runs Vancouver-Seward northbound or southbound routes through: Cochican, Icegap Scenic Area, Juneau, Skagway, Haber Glacier

Solstice Extreme: Operates the Inner Bay route to and from Seattle to arrive: Juneau, Kochican, Skagway, Victoria and Tracy Arm

Infinity: Runs the Inner Bay route between Vancouver via Juneau, Ketchikan, Icegap Scenic Area and Haber Glacier

Holland American Cruises

There will be six ships operating on the Alaska route, second only to Princess Cruises in terms of the number of ships deployed, and it is also a major cruise ship in the Alaska region, and the most distinctive combination of land and sea routes in the Netherlands and America is the deepest cruise and inland sightseeing line

Eurodam: Seattle to the Inner Bay route

Volendam Valendam: Vancouver’s Inner Bay or Vancouver-Seward northbound and southbound route, with the unique Alaska Deep Inland section connecting to the Alaska Cruising Essence Section

Noordam: Vancouver-Seward northbound or southbound route plus the Alaskan hinterland

Nieuw Amsterdam New Amsterdam: Vancouver to and from the inner bay or north-to-south inland routes

Zaandam Chandane: A 14-night round trip from Seattle to Anchorage for an in-depth tour of the Alaskan coast

Westerdam Westerdam: Vancouver-Seward Northbound or Southbound Route and Deep Alaska Heartland

Royal Caribbean Cruises

Royal Caribbean sent two ships to Alaska to be deployed on the Seward-Vancouver and Seattle routes to the Inner Bay

Radiance of the Seas: A seven-night northbound and southbound route between Vancouver and Seward, passing through Ice Gap and Haber Glacier

Explorer of the Seas Ocean Explorer: A seven-night Inner Bay route to and from Seattle via Tracy Arm’s Tracy Fjord

Disney Cruises

Disney Cruise Line will operate the Alaska route from Vancouver between May and September. Disney is known for its familiar brand, but there are also many adults planning to experience Disney cruises, and the Disney Wonder, deployed in Alaska, is Disney Cruises

Carnival Cruise Lines

Carnival Legend Legend operates the Inner Bay 7-night route from Seattle or the Seattle-Vancouver Harbor round-trip 7-night route, with different ports but typically including Juneau, Cochican, Victoria, Skagway, Sitka, Glacier Bay and Tracy Bay.

Small and medium-sized high-end cruise ships

Regent Seven Seas Cruises

The perfect all-inclusive experience, including drinks on board and shore excursions, is included on most high-end cruise ships.

Regent Seven Seas’ Seven Seas Mariner: The 7-11 night route in the Alaska region is primarily between Vancouver-Seward

Silver Sea Cruises

Silversea Cruises will deploy three ships in Alaska, featuring Silversea Discovery’s Bering Sea route from Seward or Noam

Silver Shadow: Northbound and Southbound Seven-Night Route between Vancouver and Seward

Silver Explorer Discovery: A light expedition-style route from Seward northwest through Russian ports and the Bering Strait to Nome, Alaska

Silver Muse: Silver Sea Cruises’ latest launch, a seven-night northbound and southbound route between Vancouver-Seward

Crystal Cruises

Crystal Symphony and Rhyme: Luxury cruises in 2018 have a three-month, 7- or 9-night route in Alaska

Ocean Cruises

Oceania cruise ship Regatta sails through Alaska throughout the summer, with most 7-11 night routes sailing from Seattle to and from Seattle, while some longer routes sail between Vancouver or Seattle, stopping at ports within Alaska.

Cruise travel has to be said to be an absolute luxury and enjoyment, but if you only have to experience it once, you will definitely like this feeling, read it all

, choose your favorite cruise route and set sail!

Alaska Cruise Guide

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