Xue Tong Liya and Ouyang Nana wear suspenders, free and comfortable girly

The freedom and comfort of the suspenders and the feeling of untethered are deeply loved by fashion icons and female celebrities. While bringing an “age-reducing” effect, it can easily create street style, inadvertently turning back the clock and taking you back to the most innocent era. Whenever we feel like we’re going to be eliminated by the fashion world, it’s on the runway, whether Chloe pairs it with a shirt for a minimalist French feel or Tommy Hilfiger blends it with sportiness, suspenders are the designer’s go-to item this season.

Ran Yingying wears dark green suspenders and a white shirt at the airport, and the velor material gives a modern look with its gorgeous luster and soft and comfortable texture, and the wearing method of unfastening one shoulder strap is the key to determining fashion.

The suspenders are not fashionable to be worn casually, you can learn from Wu Xin, and the lace sheer shirt gives people a refreshing feeling. Doubled the chic with a mini satchel and paired with delicate vintage sunglasses, the seemingly unintentional but painstaking fashion sense of street photography hipsters is instantly aroused.

Tong Liya, who has restored her short hairstyle, wears a Stella McCartney cartoon T-shirt and Comme Moi suspenders, her sunny and energetic shape, and her appearance is eye-catching in a baseball cap.

The petite Ouyang Nana chose tight leg suspenders with a white T-shirt, which was neat and refreshing in simplicity. The Chanel black chain bag on the shoulder and the short collar around the neck are unified in tone, full of youthful vitality.

The prototype of the suspender pants comes from cargo pants, which are themselves a strong sense of style. It’s comfortable and durable, but you can create a different style by layering different tops underneath, a simple solid T-shirt is a classic, and a mix of different fabrics and shades is key. Suspenders and shirts are the most abundantly matched, visually layered and playful, and the casually rolled cuffs will make you look more toney.

The shoulders, lace and sheer underwear are intricately detailed, adding a touch of elegance to the original street feel of the suspenders. Undo the shoulder strap on one side and let it hang down naturally, revealing the sexy shoulders and neck and creating an asymmetrical aesthetic that instantly inspires your artistry and casualness.

If you’re a bit of a personality, try strapless wear, which unfastens the straps and the fabric on the chest is layered over the abdomen and below, making it the first choice for covering flesh and creating street fashion. The loose and casual style shows the charm of literary young women, vintage sunglasses, mini handbags, and any small details that mix and match can add a sense of fashion to the look.

Beijing News reporter Li Zheng Image source: Visual China Proofreader Wu Xingfa

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