Forty or fifty-year-old man, still wearing leather shoes? “Chelsea boots” are popular this winter, yuppie and gentleman

Autumn and winter are the main battlefield of leather boots, compared to ordinary Martin boots and cargo boots, Chelsea boots with a noble temperament are a good choice, warm and fashionable.

For 4, 50-year-old middle-aged men, all gentlemen with temperament and taste, winter is indispensable for a pair of Chelsea boots, wearing it can not only increase height, the key is that the whole person has become a lot more confident.

Chelsea boots are good, but how many people really know about them?

In the 60s of the 20th century, Chelsea boots were an iconic element in the UK, along with

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones

They all put on Chelsea boots and made them mainstream shoes.

To this day, the status of Chelsea boots in the fashion circle should not be underestimated, and they are very popular with middle-aged men.

Even though the style has been improved, it has always retained its own characteristics and noble temperament.

First, the characteristics of Chelsea boots


Annule high-top style

One of the signature elements of the Chelsea boot, the perfect height of the bodice helps to lengthen the legs, sculpting and versatile.


The ankle is made of rubber bands

The Chelsea boots are lace-free, with rubber bands on the sides to adjust the tightness, and some have replaced them with zippers (but not authentic Chelsea boots).


The toe cap is divided into square, pointed and round toe

, Different toe toes wear different effects.


Most of them are mainly solid colors

Like classic black and brown, a few elements of brogue carving.

Second, how to choose Chelsea boots?

1) When buying Chelsea boots, don’t blindly believe in shoe size,

It’s best to try it on yourself and choose a slightly tighter style

, to avoid wearing for a long time the rubber band becomes loose and affects the foot feel.

The pointed toe is the most prominently long

, but easy to look a little “mother”, not easy to control;

Men with round heads and wide faces and slightly thicker calves are the most friendly

; Square head is the most classic, the first choice for gentleman-type men.


Chelsea boots made of material are suitable for casual wear,

Glossy leather

The material is best worn with formal wear.

4) Black is the most versatile, brown and cowhide are retro and fashionable.

Third, the matching ideas of Chelsea boots

When paired with Chelsea boots, there are 3 most taboo details:

The length of the trousers cannot exceed the top of the shoe; Do not expose socks and skin; You can’t tuck your trouser legs into your boots.

As long as you remember these three points, you can’t go wrong with basically how you wear them.

1) Chelsea boots + suit suit

The formal style can best highlight the yuppie gentleman’s taste of Chelsea boots, and in the choice of suits, if you feel that the solid color suit is too monotonous and dull, you can consider bringing it

Striped, check elements

of styles.

And Chelsea boots are best to choose black, the overall styling takes into account the charm of mature men, and has a little more sense of fashion.

2) Chelsea boots + jacket

Emphasize a casual sense of fashion in the shape, can be paired with a leather jacket or denim jacket, its style length is best at the waistline; Pants choose slim-fit cropped pants that help

Divide the upper and lower body proportions

for better shaping.

3) Chelsea boots + coat

The warmest and temperamental shape in winter is the “Chelsea boots + coat”, which lengthens the proportion of the upper body, and also uses the advantages of shoes to increase the effect and enhance the temperament and aura.


The temperament and taste of Chelsea boots, only if you wear them, 4, 50-year-old middle-aged men, may wish to wear more Chelsea boots this winter, warm and fashionable, to create a yuppie gentleman image.

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