How to create a rooftop lounge? Waterproof in rainy days, sun protection in summer, dry goods knowledge to learn

Contemporary people’s favorite lifestyle: work pays attention to high timeliness, fast pace + life insists on light life and slow pace. Then everyone’s requirements for the living environment are naturally higher. When buying a house, bringing a small terrace will also be a priority. So how to create a terrace to be beautiful and practical, waterproof on rainy days, sun protection in summer? Dry goods knowledge is not quick to learn!

In terms of terrace decoration, the first choice for everyone is definitely to save trouble and money.

The enclosed sofa is equipped with a headless space, and the sunlight can shine directly on us when we rest. With warm green potted plants around the sofa, you can enjoy freshly baked oxygen at home! The floor is made of wooden boards and tiles, and the wooden boards are used to protect against the cold in winter and the tiles to dissipate heat in summer, which is simply beautiful! This kind of sunny day is not too cool, but what about the rain? Blowing the wind with an umbrella?

Rainy days plus top! This house has created a vacated terrace with a small square table and chairs, where you can relax, work and study. The ventilation conditions are met, and it is not afraid of getting wet on rainy days, and you can blow a small breeze and bask in the sun on sunny days, but the terrace is not open and there seems to be no difference from the balcony.

It must have a roof and open air, and it can be used in sunny weather and rain, then the whole “dry and wet separation” is the same as the bathroom!

Play in the covered lounge area on rainy days, and play in the open-air space on sunny days. Friends have come to the family, and no matter how much you can’t stay. Don’t be too comfortable with such a terrace.

However, if it rains, where will the sofa chair rest? It’s too troublesome to move into the house, if it rains at work and you can’t go home in time, isn’t this sofa chair scrapped in the rain.

Don’t worry, you see that the head of this household is very smart! “Gallery board + antiseptic wood”, open the board to breathe and bask in the sun when the weather is good, close it when the weather is bad, and it will not blow wind and rain. In addition, the use of transparent glass has strong light transmission. Take a nap in such an elegant environment!

PS: In order to increase the sense of experience and practicality, the material suggestions for building a pavilion or roofing on the terrace:

1. Choose antiseptic wood. Anti-corrosion wood can not only be waterproof in rainy days, but also insect-proof and corrosion-proof, and a cover is not worried!

2. Choose a mixture of steel and glass. The stability of steel is better than that of general metal materials, in addition, the light transmission of glass is good, and it is a good choice for use on terraces or balconies.

The terrace can be used not only as a seating area, but also as an open-air garden. Lay out the pebbles, surround some small flower beds, raise flowers and plants, full of greenery! And if you don’t take care of the flowers and plants, just put them here, close to nature, don’t worry and worry at all.

In the garden, a wooden leisure area is created, using a parasol as the sun, and a deck chair under the umbrella to bask in the sun and the breeze, life is simply beautiful. If you feel that it is not convenient to walk after the goose warm stone is paved, then put a wooden board on it to form a walking area, which is convenient to get close to flowers and plants, and get close to nature. Clear glass with sturdy steel railings is both strong and good-looking.

There are thousands of terraces, half of which is comfortable, and the rest is left to practical comfort. Have you figured out how to build your terrace? Don’t hurry up and refer to it yet. However, don’t forget to think about something else when building the terrace, is this terrace an exclusive area of your house or a common area for several households? If it is a common area, remember to discuss it with everyone to avoid quarrels in the future.

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