Ran Yingying’s slightly fat figure is really good, yellow cartoon short sleeves with ripped pants are cool and domineering, comfortable and foreign

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Casual and casual wearing is a comfortable shape that many women like, and it is fashionable and simple to wear without a burden on the figure. If you feel rigid and popular, and feel that there is no novelty in wearing, you may wish to try a design with a stylish cut, which can make it fashionable and eye-catching. Ran Yingying’s private clothes have this characteristic, with a slightly chubby body just right, wearing a yellow cartoon T-shirt with ripped jeans, which not only shows off the cool and domineering, but also loses the sense of foreignness.

Ran Yingying’s styling analysis

Ran Yingying’s outfit is a casual silhouette, are some very basic clothing items, comfort is needless to say, casual freedom. The top is a classic cartoon-print T-shirt that can be worn simply and casually, but also full of vitality, which easily reflects the sense of anti-aging. The blue ripped jeans are fashionable and not as low-key and ordinary as the mass design. With the blessing of holes to create a fashionable and prominent feeling, such a shape is not only eye-catching but also extremely gratifying.

Colorful cartoon T-shirt

The brightly colored cartoon T-shirt is not only youthful, lively and youthful, but also young and age-reducing girly, and a simple match can exude a strong sense of youth. This can highlight the different trends, little girls will also like to see it, and older mature women also like such T-shirts, wearing such T-shirts in dark jackets not only shows good color but also has a sense of age-reduction. Ran Yingying’s yellow T-shirt is also printed with a bear cartoon pattern, which makes the charm of youth more and more intense.

Ripped jeans are ingenious

Jeans are classic and generous, but also very versatile, how to look at it is full of fashion trends, and in their style, there is also a big difference. For example, simple and casual tailoring is very popular. If the design with a sense of fashion, holes or hair, it will make the look more fashionable, which can also abandon the dull feeling, how to look different, and can also create different trends.

The comfort and freedom of platform shoes

Dressing is both for good looks and for comfort and freedom, and this principle should also be adhered to in the choice of shoes. Choose comfortable and free shoes, show the simplicity and casualness you want, and show a different fashion tone. The pair of platform shoes worn by Ran Yingying are sandals design, which fits well with the casual style of clothing, and is also suitable for small figures, with a high sense of déjà vu.

Sunglasses are stylish and fancy

Stylish sunglasses not only combine practicality and beauty, but also create a stylish charm. Many women like to choose sunglasses to create a cool look and wear different trends. If you want to dress up, sunglasses are a good choice, you can easily concave the shape, show off fashionable.

Dressing with a strong casual atmosphere is relatively common in many people’s dressing styles. To learn to dress well, it also takes some thought so that you can wear the fashion you like.

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Ran Yingying’s slightly fat figure is really good, yellow cartoon short sleeves with ripped pants are cool and domineering, comfortable and foreign

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