Dressed with tasteful women, you know how to wear it when you cool down, see if these combinations are suitable for you

The temperature difference between morning and evening in this season is normal, but dressing will be more limited, morning and evening wear very thick, by noon will be peeled off one by one, so you need to face this problem easily, then it is necessary to deal with this uncertain season from complexity to simplicity.

However, depending on the region, there will be regional styles in dressing, but the following kinds of outfits can meet 80% of the styles of each region.

Some people are overwhelmed by outfits as soon as this season with large temperature differences arrive, and they can’t have a decent outfit today. But it doesn’t matter, if you want to learn anytime, anywhere, Xiaoyu will also try to help everyone get rid of this trouble, to meet this ever-changing season of dressing, solve the daily troubles of dressing, increase your fashion, will be in a beautiful mood every day!

1: LOOK – Suit mashup

In this autumn, if you wear it every day, mixing and matching suits is the most popular and comfortable. You can mix and match various styles of suits with trousers in different colors, and it is also very comfortable and stylish.

And it can also be matched with various styles of hats as decoration to increase the overall visual eye-catching, and can be matched with a variety of turtlenecks or shirts from the inside to achieve temperament.

2: LOOK – Knitwear

The hot and cold season is the most suitable to wear knitwear, there are thin and thick and jumpers and cardigans, depending on which style you like, if you like to wear a jumper and are afraid of cold, then wear a thicker jumper, if it is hot, you can wear it naked, it will not be stuffy. If you are not afraid of the cold, wear a thinner shirt or a variety of high-neck explosive slim clothes to achieve a fashionable effect.

If you wear knitwear according to the figure, you should follow the above picture as an example, with a skirt, which can suit beautiful women of all sizes. Short and slightly chubby should choose a knitwear with a cinched waist effect or a belt with its own belt, which can not only modify the figure, but also have a sense of sight.

3. LOOK – tweed vest skirt

Although a trench coat is a must-have item in autumn, we can take a different fashion route and replace the trench coat with a vest skirt, which will not only have a novel sense of fashion, but also make you lose age several times. As the name suggests, the vest skirt is a similar vest-style skirt, this skirt has a strong age-reducing effect, and the matching is very simple, as long as you find the color and style that suits you on the inside.

There are a variety of styles of vest skirts for you to choose from, whether they can be plaid or princess, tall with turtlenecks, short bodies can be paired with crewnecks. The princess line is suitable for girls with short stature, and there is a belt at the waist as a waist and embellishment effect, and the cute beauty bursts out instantly.

4: LOOK – knitted skirt

Knitted skirts can be freely combined in early and late autumn as well as winter, and can be said to occupy the fashion of the three seasons. Women in the workplace can wear knitted skirts with a sense of temperament, especially blue with a strong slimming effect. If you are cute, choose the skirt mesh fabric, which is fresh and cute. If you like to be casual, choose a wide knitwear with a knitted skirt, which is very suitable for middle-aged women.

Just wearing a knitted skirt is enough to have a beautiful day, of course, you can choose the right one in accessories or hairstyles and shoes. Younger ones can also wear small scoop shoes can also be very windy, and those over forty years old who are afraid of cold choose short boots to match, which can completely make you very fashionable. The biggest advantage of knitted skirts is that they can be worn alone or layered, which also increases your imagination.

Knitwear with that in mind

Knitted fabrics should have texture

Everyone circulates in dressing and eating, but the fabric of the clothing is uncomfortable and it will not be beautiful to wear. Especially the knitted skirt should be soft, skin-friendly, delicate, wear it looks very comfortable and high-end, some fabrics look at you up is knitted but feel very hard, wear on the body will have a prick, so you can’t start casually, can’t see a star or a blogger wearing, you have to start the same style, not only waste silver but also occupy your room space.

In addition to the fabric and the style of the fit, to choose a knitted skirt according to the stage of age, because the biggest feature of the knitted skirt is that it has a sense of drape, if there is a small belly, do not choose a slim fit, must be in line with the figure of the wear out of the texture.

Choose the right autumn outfit for your figure

Some sisters will have more room to choose clothing when they are young, but in middle age, there will be great restrictions when choosing clothing, because the skin color will darken and the figure will become bloated, so in the autumn it will appear thicker to wear a little thicker, so if you are younger, there is no need to say more, if the skin tone and figure have changed over forty, you must choose bright colors and loose fit, which will make you wear it will not feel complicated and cumbersome, enjoy the comfort and fashion brought by autumn!

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