CM Punk’s 3 regrettable things in WWE! It didn’t become a Grand Slam, only one belt away

CM punk is one of the most individual fighters in WWE history, he used to be the brightest star of WWE, the microphone ability is unmatched, and he has staged a good show of “microphone bomb” scolding the boss, CM punk is a person who knows how to show his value, and to this day, the 434-day championship record is still a record that every fighter wants to break, but punk also has 3 very regrettable things in WWE, these three things may never be completed for punk in the future.

3. Failed to end the mourner’s winning streak. The match between The Undertaker and CM Punk in Wrestlemania 29 was regarded as one of the best showdowns of the year, with punks frantically humiliating the mourner, trying to crush the mourner mentally, and giving the opponent the strongest blow in the match. Similarly, the mourners are breaking down the punk psyche, telling the opponent what fear is. Both players are popularity kings, fans don’t know who to support, and unfortunately punk failed to defeat the mourners in the end.

2. Failed to win a royal war. CM Punk has participated in many royal wars during his career, but he has never won once, which is one of the most regrettable things about punk during his career in WWE, interestingly, the reason why punk left WWE was because WWE let the newly returned Batista win the royal war instead of himself. If Punk can win once, he will compete in the Wrestling Mania Main Event, giving WWE even more exciting matches. Around 2010, those players with larger cards, such as Simos, John Senna, Randy Orton, including Albert Del Rio have won, only Punk has not won it, which is indeed a bit unreasonable.

1. Not winning the All-American Championship became a Grand Slam. Punk has also won many honors in WWE, and has won dozens of championship belts, but it is a pity that punk has never won the WWE All-American Championship, his record as a WWE champion is indeed a benchmark, but he always does not get a chance in terms of second-tier championship belts. If his career had become a WWE Grand Slam, perhaps his relationship with WWE would not have been as frozen.

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