Don’t say that you don’t know how to wear a vest skirt, put away this cheatbook, and immediately let you say goodbye to rustic

As a must-have dress for girls, it can be said that it is not a skirt

No matter what season, any weather, any occasion, there is a dress that can be matched with going out

And the style of skirt is varied, can also be said to be varied, a good-looking skirt can not only reflect a person’s external image, but also can show a person’s inner temperament and taste,

You can also save the lazy little cuties without wasting a lot of time

Wearing the right skirt will make the whole body right, and wearing it wrong will also make the shortcomings of the body nowhere to hide

, so today I want to share with you how to choose the best vest dress for yourself

Some people may not understand vest dresses very well,

Because his focus is on the word vest, it is actually very unfriendly to girls with wide shoulders and thick arms

。 In fact, as long as you choose the right and match well, you can completely cover up these shortcomings of the little cuties, and the following is an introduction to the shape and matching skills of the vest dress

Some girls with a good figure should choose some skirts that highlight their advantages,

For example, the A-line vest dress, this skirt was launched by a French clothing designer, and this style of dress is exclusive to women to highlight the “S-shaped” figure

The exaggerated hem shows the body line beautifully, and the straight line from the outer contour increases the length, which is a commonly used shape in women’s clothing

From top to bottom like the shape of the ladder gradually unfolding, lively and romantic, if your face shape is relatively round,

You can choose a skirt with a half-turtleneck to define your face, and if your neck is short, it’s good for a skirt with a crewneck or V-neck

In combination with the high heels of the upper line is perfect to raise the height, a little sexy but not exposed, that is, the age reduction and femininity, tall and slender girls must not miss this style of dress

There are also different shapes depending on the figure, such as this Y-shaped vest dress

, This type of dress is suitable for girls with wide shoulders or large chests, and uses wide shoulders to improve the width of the shoulders to weaken the majesty of the upper body,

A round neck design can visually raise the length of the neck and make the whole person look more temperamental

The overall Y-shape is also more suitable for girls with wider and larger buttocks, which can subtly cover the flesh on the buttocks

, waist design can improve the overall ratio of the upper body and lower body, making people look tall and slender, the waist line is clear and clear, so it appears that the waist is very thin, with a pair of open-toe high-heeled sandals, generous and beautiful temperament

The upper body effect is very good, and the length is also moderate, but a skirt of such a length is not very suitable for tall girls, and it will look like a pillar, very rigid,

Girls under 165cm can consider starting, which is a good choice

The previous one is not suitable for tall girls, this is definitely a gospel for tall girls, long vest dresses are suitable for those tall girls, this kind of skirt can create an intellectual name warmth, all kinds of bodies no longer need the waist line to emphasize the height ratio

The overall is not so decent, the long skirt can reach the surface of the feet, so there is no need to worry that it will make the legs look short, and the girl with thick legs can start considering, which can cover the fat on your legs well,

If you choose a long, loose skirt, it will also cover your whole body

Little fairies with collarbones or butterfly backs can choose a dress with an open back that will show off the proportions of the body, and it is OK to dare to try to wear one piece at a date party with enough confidence and aura

, casually in the matching of a pair of flat shoes and accessories, worn in the middle of summer, cool, comfortable, modern is more popular, is such a simple match can make you easily go into battle legs two meters long, is definitely not wrong battle skirt

There is also a fit tank top dress is the one for everyone, the fit is loose and casual, unrestrained and inclusive of the figure, characterized by the bust, waist and hips, the three are basically the same thickness, forming a straight shape

It doesn’t matter if you have a fat upper body or a fat body, whether you hit your buttocks or have thick legs, it is all invisible

, his shortcomings also have to be a little, thin people wear loose, casual, casual, fat people are to cover meat, cover meat, cover meat, even pregnant mothers can accept it

Some people will think that loose dresses do not show the waist is not good-looking, it turns out that loose dresses are also very thin, loose vest dresses can also choose irregular design, the sense of layering is relatively strong, weaken the vision, the upper body is huge thin,

It is a unique personality, no matter what the occasion, the skirt has played his ultimate beauty, and it is very noble to walk with the wind

The last one is more suitable for lazy girls,

Fake two-piece patchwork vest dress

The design of the fake two-piece covers the shortcomings of the thick arm and subtly deceives people’s sight and senses, and they are better at using elastic combinations, which is very suitable for women with pear-shaped bodies

The upper body can be loose and lazy, but the lower body perfectly wraps the buttocks, and the neckline design can add a sweet feeling, set off the small face, and the overall style will look ladylike and intellectual, and can have a rich sense of layering

, the main thing is not to waste time with the little fairies to match, but also not lose the careful opportunity to match, it combines sweet and elegant playful retro, from a cool girl to a little sweetheart, you are almost a fake two-piece vest dress

The vest dress can not only be worn alone, but also with some other items in early fall, which is also a very good style of dressing, the most in early autumn this year! Most! The most fashionable tank top dresses will not only keep you warm and make you fashionable, but also be a hundred

A simple white T-chop can not only withstand the coolness of early autumn, but also cover the excess meat on some girls’ arms, which can cope with the cool weather in the morning and evening

, and can add a sense of layering to the look, appear relaxed and chic, the liveliness of sunlight is doubled, and the color with greater contrast can highlight the sense of fashion

You can match the shirt inside, but try to choose some loose styles for the skirt, otherwise the effect of the upper body is somewhat fit,

The quarter-sleeved style is just right for summer wear, and a pompous tonal necklace can hold the audience for formal occasions

The slightly transparent shirt reflects the figure vividly, hazy and beautiful, and the hem of the skirt feels the flowing feeling of walking with the wind, which covers the shortcomings of the lower body well and lengthens the height ratio,

The mix and match of two different styles is inexplicably very coordinated, very good-looking, and the multi-style matching of one clothes will add color to their own play

You can also choose to match the shirt outside, Hong Kong style vest dress with white shirt sun protection clothing, scheming two-piece set,

Both in appearance and on the upper body can be ranked, and it can be worn in an air-conditioned room that is slightly cooler

The shape is quite wide and three-dimensional, the breathability is excellent without adhering to the skin, it is white and thin, and the literary type or the royal sister type can be easily controlled,

It gives people a dazzling sense of déjà vu, a must-have wear for summer, and it is a refreshing salt and sweetness that cannot be missed

With the popularity of mix-and-match styles, the best partner for today’s vest dresses has long become sneakers, and when sweet or elegant meets neutral and casual sneakers, the style of painting is not small, but when the two are really combined, it can make you better and more perfect

Liu Wen’s eldest cousin caught up with the trend of mixing and matching in time, wearing a knitted vest slit skirt with white sneakers

, the most refreshing print pastoral match in summer, beautiful to the eye, the design of the open-back hanging single careful machine is too beautiful, and the high slit makes the legs loom

The vest dress + sneakers is simply a work of heaven, and it is definitely the most must-have matching routine this summer

。 If you also want to have beauty and free your feet at the same time

I also like casual dressing style, so take off your tired heels and learn the hottest mash-and-match of the summer

The fashionable vest skirt is super sought-after in the four seasons, of course it makes sense to say that it is sought-after, the style is chosen to be thin, high, more concave and convex curves, the introduction of so many shapes, such matching skills, do you know which vest dress style you are suitable for

According to your own characteristics, to find and try a skirt that suits you, you are a different little fairy, you are the most beautiful “boy” in this street,

If you have a better style of dressing, you can also leave a message to share with everyone, so that everyone can become a different little girl

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