The eyeliner is well drawn, just like opening the “big eye effect”, these eyeliners have a good long-lasting high color rendering

As a makeup expert, when I first contacted beauty products, I didn’t particularly care about the choice of eyeliner, and I didn’t even have the awareness to draw eyeliner at the beginning, after all, it is a great thing for makeup novices to be able to put on good base makeup, draw eyeshadow blush, and not make themselves into plateau red.

After inadvertently touching the eyeliner, it seems to open a new world of eye makeup for the editor, which turns out to be the so-called enlarged eyes,

After drawing the eyeliner, the whole person seems to have opened the special effect of opening the eyes.

In the past, I only painted eyeshadow without eyeliner, and I often encountered a car accident where the eye makeup was painted as if it was not painted, and the eyes were not swollen, and the eyeshadow was painted as if I was beaten the day before.

And drawing eyeliner can help us automatically turn on the eye makeup depth mode very well, so that the whole person’s eye makeup is deep and good-looking, and has a soul.

Compared with liquid eyeliner, eyeliner pen is more recommended for novices, and its stability is better.

For novices, when drawing eyeliner, the most common is hand shaking, thick drawing, or crooked drawing.

And the quick-drying effect of the liquid pen is simply not even regrettable, the glue pen dries slowly, and the wrong drawing also gives you time to modify it twice, which is really too considerate, and it is 100% friendly to novices.

Today, I will recommend a few eyeliners collected by the editor to collect the praise obtained by the whole network.

Canmake eyeliner glue

This eyeliner glue is a stuttering twist refill design, once twisted out, it cannot be retracted, so it is not recommended to twist too much at once when using it, otherwise it is easy to break and it is difficult to use.

The gel for eyeliner is particularly soft and sticky and does not cause a tingling sensation when applied to the eyelids. The soft texture is also very good to color, and the color rendering is super high.

Many girls mostly choose black when choosing the color of eyeliner,

However, it should be noted that the color selection of eyeliner is the same as that of eyebrow pencil, and it is best to match the choice of hair color and eyeshadow, and it is not necessary to choose black.

Another more basic color is brown-red, and girls with chocolate hair can buy one.

Shiseido eyeliner glue

This eyeliner glue has been very windy,

It lasts well and is less likely to smudge.

Girls who have used inferior eyeliner must know this pain, and when they go out in the morning, they look delicate, and when they look in the mirror at noon, they become red panda eyes, which is really embarrassing.

So when choosing an eyeliner, be sure to look at its durability and whether it will smudge, and if it smudges, then you must not enter.

It is better to color when applying makeup, very smooth,

It does not irritate the sensitive skin of the eyes, and it is easy to draw and feel good. Another advantage is that makeup is not easy to smudge. The pen tip is particularly thin,

Its design is also non-rotating, so you need to pay attention to how much twist and how much you use when using it.

It is more suitable for inner eyeliner, after all, it is thinner. Black is very color-rendering, and the makeup lasts relatively long, so it is worth buying.

Ouyang Nana also praised it on social software before, and the girls you like can enter with confidence.

UNNY eyeliner glue

This eyeliner pen should be pushed by various bloggers,

Its biggest feature is that it is not easy to peel off makeup, waterproof and sweatproof.

After watching the blogger’s test, there are really fans who are circled, so suitable for girls who sweat easily and oil.

After the upper face, it is relatively smooth, and it is very suitable to draw the entire lower eyeliner.

As an anti-oil and water-resistant household, you must pay attention to using special cleansing oil for eyes and lips when removing makeup after using it, otherwise it is really difficult to remove,

Suitable for novice sisters.

Kissme eyeliner

It is best known for its liquid eyeliner and mascara, and I still remember the first beauty blogger I followed praising it when they painted eye makeup.

Brown is suitable for commuting, and black is also very routine.

The waterproof function is praised, and the tip of this liquid eyeliner pen is very thin,

Only 0.1mm, it can also be tried for novices.

Hold makeup for a long time, not easy to smudge, but also very easy to remove,

So don’t worry about hurting your skin.

The above are four easy-to-use eyeliners sorted out by the editor, each with its own characteristics, eye makeup is a particularly important step in makeup, you must not omit it, otherwise drawing is equivalent to not drawing. What is your exclusive eyeliner when applying eye makeup, welcome to leave a message to share your eye makeup cheats.

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