In winter, choose the “leather jacket”, these 4 are being favored, easy to control without stress

There is no definition of beauty, some women pursue cute and gentle beauty, and there are many women who pursue cool motorcycle style beauty, if you are the latter, it is popular in winter”

Leather jacket

“It’s the perfect piece for you, it’s heroic, handsome and unique, as long as you wear it, you can easily show her neutral beauty, and when it comes to leather clothing, these four are all pampered and can be easily controlled without stress.”

Leather fabric is one of the more unique materials among many materials, because its texture and touch are relatively silky, it looks very smooth under the light, and the combination with black is the most classic style, which will give black a unique charm, and instantly bid farewell to the deep and sassy temperament.

The blogger chose a loose leather jacket, the leather jacket itself has the advantages of who looks good on the upper body, and after combining with the loose fit, it instantly becomes an artifact to cover the flesh, suitable for you to be slightly fat and beautiful eyebrows, and it will leave a certain sense of space, very comfortable to wear, and look thinner.

This kind of leather clothing will generally use a heroic lapel design, at this time you can consider choosing a hooded sweatshirt as an underwear, so that you can be a good accommodation casual temperament, the hooded style has a strong sense of age-reduction, more suitable for concave shape.

The combination of white sweatshirt and black leather jacket is very classic, the two will form a visual collision, both are very warm items, so combined naturally will not make you feel cold, suitable for this early winter, if the weather is really cold, then you can match a sweatshirt with a bottom shirt to enhance warmth.

Since the black leather jacket is so cool, then when matching the bottom, you should follow the overall style, choose a pair of black slim trousers, which can form a “wide up and narrow bottom” visual effect with it, loose and moderate, but also modify the leg shape, simple and atmospheric.

In fact, leather clothing is not only black this color, dark red brown is also a more advanced atmospheric color, because it belongs to brown tones, integrated with a little red, so the overall visual effect of warm tones, looking at it has a feeling of warmth.

The upper part of this leather jacket adopts a silhouette cut, which can bring a very fluffy feeling, and making a clenched design at the waist will not make the whole look too bloated, and it will also modify the small man’s waist well, and you can unbutton the hem to form a casual and lazy atmosphere.

You can learn from the “same color matching rule” and choose a turtleneck sweater of the same color as the leather jacket as the underwear, which can not only wrap the neck curve well, but also improve the overall coordination, and make your skin tone more fair, with white straight pants will play a role in lighting up the dullness and harmonizing the thickness of brown.

For sisters with relatively high warmth needs, we can try the “fur integration” jacket, like the following style is mainly based on leather clothing, covered with white plush on the inside, so that when you turn over the neckline and roll up the cuffs, you can expose the white edges, which virtually improves the overall warmth.

Because the shape of the leather jacket is loose and leaves a certain sense of space, for women who pursue warmth, you can wear a few more underwear, borrowing from the “layering method”, such as a black turtleneck cardigan bottom, but also a blue denim shirt on the outside of it, combining two different styles of items is more fashionable.

When matching loose leather clothing, you can learn from the “wide top and narrow bottom” matching rule, choose a black trousers with strong slimness, so the advantages of wearing it have been mentioned above, so I will not repeat it, the most important thing is to greatly improve the overall coordination, more natural.

There are also many different branches of leather clothing, such as the khaki leather jacket on the blogger is also one of them, which is more suitable for the early winter air that has recently warmed up, but still has a cool feeling, which can play a just right warmth role, but does not feel heavy.

This khaki leather jacket is still relatively slim, not as loose as the above jackets, but the flesh covering is still remarkable, khaki belongs to one of the earth colors, and black and white are more fashionable and versatile, if you want to give people a refreshing temperament, choose white underwear.

The blogger chose a white underwear, which not only harmonizes the visual effect, but also plays a role in extension, and your legs will look more slender.

After reading the above content, I believe you also have a very general understanding of leather clothing, in fact, it really does not pick people, it is a good-looking style on the upper body, how it is, you try to know.

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