Round-faced girls wear high-neck undershirts, not only showing small faces but also covering neck lines, tasteful women to try

In autumn and winter, many mature women will use undershirts to match themselves,

Using a undershirt as an underwear can enhance femininity,

Make women more mature and attractive in front of others.

The reason why undershirts are popular with mature women,

That’s because most of the undershirts are slim-fit

, such a bottoming can outline the curves of women’s figures, without being overly sexy, it is a more elegant and retro outfit.

For the choice of undershirts, there are also many styles,

Among the many types of undershirts, the most common undershirt is the turtleneck undershirt

, using a turtleneck undershirt to match yourself can also enhance femininity.

There is another reason why turtleneck undergings are popular with women,

It is the design of the high neck that can define the neck line of women,

It is very friendly to women with heavy neck lines.

Round-faced girls wear turtleneck undershirts, not only show the face small but also cover the neck lines, tasteful women to try, I have to say that late winter is suitable for wearing turtleneck undershirts, elegant and retro, with a coat suit super temperament.

Color choice for turtleneck undershirts

Black undershirt

If you choose the undershirt according to the color,

It is recommended that you use a black undershirt to match yourself

, black undershirts will enhance mature charm very well, which is very suitable for women with mature temperament.

In addition, the black undershirt will give a retro feel

, choose a black undershirt to match the outfit, can make the overall look have a French style.

Black undershirts have an advantage over other undershirts,

It is because black can modify the female figure

, so black undershirts will also make women’s bodies visually slimmer.

White undershirt

Black undershirts are very popular,

White undershirts are also popular among women,

Compared with the mature retro of black undershirts, white turtleneck undershirts will make femininity more intellectual and elegant.

So white turtlenecks often

It is more suitable for matching with clothing items with a sense of elegance and intellectual charm,

To enhance the noble temperament of the shape and make the shape more charming.

Choice of pattern for turtleneck undershirts

Striped undershirt

If you add a pattern to the turtleneck undershirt,

Then for the choice of these patterns, it is also very particular

In order not to spoil the high-end sense of the look, it is recommended to add striped elements to the high-neck undershirt.

Use the design of vertical stripes to enhance the image of the shape,

But while maintaining the high-end temperament of the shape itself, the stripes are recommended to choose the same color as the undershirt, which will look cleaner.

Printed undershirt

There are many styles of printed undershirts, because the print pattern itself is diverse,

Want to wear a printed undershirt with a stylish look,

The print pattern must match the temperament of the undershirt itself.

Try not to choose cartoon patterns or letter prints,

Use a printed undershirt with a reading pattern or wavy pattern to match yourself,

Compared to other undershirts, it will be more temperamental.

Among the many turtleneck undershirts, the most used is the black turtleneck undershirt,

So if you learn how to match a black turtleneck

, then the shape of the undershirt is not a problem.

Matching options for black turtlenecks

Undershirt + coat

First of all, a black turtleneck can be matched with a coat,

The black turtleneck itself will give a very mature and feminine feeling

, the coat will enhance the sense of elegance, the combination of the two, will highlight the charm of unique women.

Choose a black turtleneck undershirt, then the coat is recommended to choose a light color

, light beige or khaki coats are good choices, and with black turtlenecks, simple and high-class.

Undershirt + suit

A black turtleneck undershirt can also be paired with a suit,

When paired with a suit, it can enhance the aura of women

, giving a feeling of intimidation.

A black turtleneck can be paired with a black suit,

Then the lower body is recommended to use white wide-leg pants for color harmony

, can also be matched with gray plaid suits, such a look is very gentlemanly.

Undershirt + short skirt

Use a turtleneck undershirt and skirt to match yourself,

Such a look is also very suitable for women who take the light mature style route,

A black turtleneck is recommended with a colorful skirt.

But colorful skirts can’t choose too rich colors,

Using the splicing of Morandi colors to enhance the intellectual charm of the image, coupled with the blessing of the black turtleneck, the overall image is very advanced.

Undershirt + dress

Black turtleneck undershirt if you want to match the dress,

So it’s time to form a layered design.

Wear a black undershirt underneath with a suspender or strappy dress over it.

The strap dress is recommended to choose the gray style,

The combination of black and gray does not spoil the high-class temperament of the look

, If you want to enhance femininity, you can also choose a split skirt to show off your beautiful legs.

These styles and classic matching methods of turtleneck undershirts can enhance femininity very well, so you can try this clothing item more in autumn and winter.

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